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Cabin Zero: The Ultimate Carry On Bag


When planning our next adventure, we always find ourselves trying to figure out the right suitcase for each trip. There are so many considerations to think through. If you are traveling by plane, should you check the bag or is a carry on enough? Either way, does the luggage have an extra fee? Picking the right bag to pack in can make or break your trip, in terms of comfort and cost.

We keep our travel essentials down to a backpack and a carry on. However, many airlines have reduced their carry on sizes in recent years and our old bag is now too big for many budget lines. So, we have found an awesome new travel bag, which fits on pretty much every airline, Cabin Zero.

Travel in Comfort and Style


We have the Classic 44L Cabin Bag in both Mysore Red and Blue Karma. We chose these two bright colors to make sure we can always spot our bags and each other in a crowded space.

There are two different ways to carry the travel bag. It can be carried by hand, like a duffel bag, with the handles on the side or top. You can also pop it over your shoulders as a backpack. The padded ergonomic straps allow the bag to be comfortably carried all day long.

The only thing missing from making it the ultimate travel bag is a laptop sleeve. We carry our laptop in a regular sized backpack, which we take with us on every adventure.

Not Just for Air Travel!


Even if we are not traveling by plane, we find our luggage choice to be even more significant. It is important a bag that can efficiently carry all your items, with the ability to stay close to you no matter the means of transport. Placing your large roller bag under a bus for a cross country trip in a foreign land is not often advisable.

On our trip to Yasuni National Park in Ecuador we brought a small roller carry on bag. It was all we needed, at half the size of our backpacking bags. Now let me tell you that rolling a suitcase through the rainforest and carrying on and off a dozen canoe rides was not the most fun.

The Cabin Bag by Cabin Zero is simply the best travel bag around. Its versatile use and durable construction make it our new go to travel bag for any adventure that comes our way.


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