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Canon IVY CLIQ Instant Film Camera Review

This article is sponsored by Canon IVY CLIQ, available at Best Buy®, to help bring the best products to our community.

Travel creates endless memories and countless friendships in every destination. When these memories are fresh in your mind right after a trip, it is wonderful. But, as time goes on and you travel more, these memories begin to fade.

Travel photography is a great way to remember your trips and share your experience with others. It also provides a new perspective to enjoy someplace through the eye of the lens.

Travel Friendly Polaroid Camera

While there are advantages to traveling with a digital camera, with advanced image and video capabilities built in, along with the ability to take effectively unlimited photos.

Yet, just because you can take all the photos, it is easy to forget about taking the best shot and just hoping one of the many photos comes out looking good. This leaves you with quite a chore of organizing and combing through the digital files and no easy way to share them with new friends during a trip.

That is why we love using the, Canon IVY CLIQ, a Travel Friendly Polaroid Camera available at Best Buy on every adventure.

Canon IVY CLIQ Review

The Canon IVY CLIQ instantly prints a 2×3″ peel-and-stick photo right after you shoot it. There is no way to review the photo before printing, so make sure to use the viewfinder, take your time and set up the shot before clicking and watch it print before your eyes.

The IVY has a Selfie Mirror so you can take the perfect selfie with everything you want in the shot. If you are taking a photo with some new friends you met traveling, it is also possible to reprint the last shot, so everyone can go home with a fun memory and souvenir.

Thanks to the peel & stick back on ZINK photo paper you can place these pictures practically anywhere! The IVY CLIQ camera also has a memory card slot so you can actually keep digital copies of all the photos you take.

The CLIQ comes in Seaside Blue, Bumble Bee Yellow, Lady Bug Red and Mint Green to match any travel gear collection and look amazing itself in photos.

Canon IVY CLIQ+ Review

For an upgraded experience, check out the Canon IVY CLIQ+. With this camera you can choose to print the 2×3″ peel-and-stick photos directly or print photos taken from your smartphone via the Canon Mini Print app.

Connecting to the Canon Mini Print app via Bluetooth allows you to add AR filters and add effects, frames, text, and stickers to your photos before printing!

The CLIQ+ features a larger 2″ selfie mirror with an 8 LED ring light for great looking selfies. The IVY CLIQ+ comes in Pearl White, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Rose Gold.

Get a new Canon IVY CLIQ & CLIQ+ instant print cameras – available at Best Buy for your next adventure!

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