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Car Myths Exposed: The Truth Behind Common Vehicle Misconceptions

The war between cars and trucks is almost as old as the one between cats and dogs. Many car lovers defend their position to the death, often without ever setting foot in a Jeep. Here are a few widely-believed car myths that must be exposed for the benefit off-road aficionados everywhere.

Myth #1: Bigger Tires Perform Better in Sports Cars

More tire surface usually means better traction. It is not true for most sports cars, however. If there is not enough clearance in the wheel well for large-diameter tires, manufacturers opt for thinner sidewalls instead. Smaller grooves actually reduce performance and offer less cushioning against road obstacles. To maximize performance for your off-road vehicle, look for tire wheel packages geared towards the driving conditions you usually face: winter weather, muddy off-road trails or highway pavement.

Myth #2: Cars Are Safer Than Trucks

While a higher center of gravity does increase the risk of rolling, it’s easy to adapt your driving style and stay perfectly safe. Trucks actually offer many advantages over cars in the safety department. Their added height gives you a better view of the road and protects your family from dangers like deer that low-profile vehicles would face head on. Lift kits for trucks allow you to use larger wheels with more tread, improving traction in bad weather.

Myth #3: Cars Are Always More Comfortable

This generalization ignores the fact that every vehicle owes a smooth ride to the quality of its suspension system. Opt for a premium vibration-absorbing independent suspension for your truck if you spend lots of time on city streets. For off-roading, something like the diehard Dana 44 axle gives you added strength for towing and rock crawling.

Customize Your Ride

No matter what other people think, the key to enjoying your vehicle is to tailor it to your lifestyle. Check out online parts suppliers to balance comfort and style with performance. That way you are ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. For example, increase your comfort getting into your off-road truck with electric running boards that descend automatically when needed and fold out of the way the rest of the time.

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