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Cariloha Bamboo Road Trip Pillow


Whenever we head out onto the road for a trip longer than 30 minutes, Jazmin always grabs a pillow to score a nap on the go. Traveling by car and camping does not have the same limitation on size as when traveling by airplane. A comfortable night’s sleep is key to an enjoyable vacation and that begins with your bedding options.

In looking for the best pillow in terms of comfort and support, we found the bamboo memory foam pillow from Cariloha. The entire pillow inside and out is made of different bamboo materials.

Softest memory foam travel pillow


The Cariloha bamboo memory foam pillow with its matching bamboo pillowcase is the most comfortable and versatile pillow we have ever used. Its uncomparable comfort and design make it awesome choice for road trips, camping and more.

When we stay at hotel or friend’s house, their pillows leave our necks sore in the morning. But that is no longer the case now that we have the world’s most comfortable pillow with us on every trip.

The bamboo memory foam means you will not have to keep fluffing it to keep the shape. As soon as you put your head down, it is like floating on a cloud. The pillow allows for ample cooling for those warmer nights. No more having to flip your pillow to the cool size.

The perfect companion for the pillow is the Resort Bamboo Pillowcase. This luxurious pillowcase is just as soft as egyptian cotton, with a cool shine. Sleep with your head in the clouds with the bamboo pillow set from Cariloha.

It is a full size pillow and not comparable to a compact or inflatable neck pillow for an airplane. So, do not plan on packing this for your backpacking trip across Europe. Instead look forward to using it again when you are back in your bed at home.

Not just for traveling, perfect for home


Do not get us wrong, the Cariloha bamboo pillow is great for road trips but that does not make it any less awesome for home. Finding a comfortable pillow with proper support is difficult, so once we found ours, we never want to let it go.

Unlike a small sized travel pillow, this full size bamboo pillow also works great as your regular at home pillow. We use the pillow on the go, at home or just anywhere we want to lay down and relax.



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