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Choosing Comfortable Sunglasses For Travelling

The last thing you need before going on a long trip is a pair of uncomfortable sunglasses that don’t work for you. Buying sunglasses while you’re on holiday isn’t always easy and you don’t want to risk picking up a cheap pair that doesn’t offer you much protection. If you’re looking for a new pair of shades and aren’t sure how to find the right ones, then this blog is for you. After reading, make sure you check out EyeBuyDirect to find a huge range of styles and designs from brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Lens colour

The colour of your lenses probably hasn’t really crossed your mind. After all, aren’t most sunglasses black? It’s true that black lenses are the most common, but lenses come in all sorts of colours and gradients to suit a wide range of users. If you’re going to be playing sports on holiday, it’s worth thinking about getting polarized lenses to reduce glare when outdoors near water or snow. Alternatively, if your trip is going to be focused on relaxation, gradient lenses can help you focus on reading a good book or tapping away at a tablet. You’ll get plenty of UV protection but won’t be struggling to see to do close-up work.

Frame material

Some frames are more comfortable than others and, if you have sensitive skin, it’s important to try a few out before jetting off. Certain metals and types of plastic can cause reactions or irritation for people with skin issues, so it might even be worth investing in sunglasses made specifically for sensitive skin if you’re worried. It’s also a good idea to buy frames that are designed to be sturdy, as the last thing you want is to snap your sunglasses in two when you need them the most. 


If you need prescription glasses then you should definitely think about getting prescription sunglasses too. It’s important to get an up-to-date prescription before going on a long trip so you know you’ll be able to see clearly during the coming months. It can be tempting to buy just any sunglasses, but you won’t feel comfortable if you’re struggling to read road signs and menus in restaurants. Invest a little bit of extra time and money and get yourself some prescription sunglasses that work for you.

Pay attention to arms

The arms of your sunglasses are going to be key in ensuring your comfort. Arms that are too tight can give you a headache when being worn for long periods of time, so make sure you try out every pair of sunglasses you want to buy. Equally, arms that are too loose will mean you’re constantly pushing your shades up your nose, which isn’t ideal if you have your hands full when out and about. If you’re struggling to find the right fit, it can be worth measuring your face and head to get a better idea of the dimensions you need. Alternatively, reach out to your optician for an expert opinion.

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