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Complete 3 Day Itinerary of Best Things To Visit and Do in Prague

Prague is one of the most diverse, magical and beautiful cities in Europe. Exploring Prague in just three full days might not be enough to visit every place the city has to offer, but it is a realistic itinerary for every visitor. We have selected our favorite places and actives that provide an enjoyable stay and the opportunity to get a good sense of the charm of Prague. In this 3 day Itinerary of things to visit and do in Prague you will see the main attractions the city has to offer.

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Complete 3 day Itinerary of things to visit and do in Prague Map

Day 1: Explore Old Town Prague (Yellow)

Old Town Prague

We arrived by plane in Prague in the morning and took an Uber from the Václav Havel Airport Prague to drop off our bags at our hotel and start our day exploring old town Prague. You can also take public transport from the airport to the city.

We stayed at the K+K Central Hotel, just steps from the Prasna Brana, a Gothic powder tower, the perfect landmark to start off your visit to Prague.

Old Town Prague view from U Prince Hotel

With a short time to explore as much of Prague as possible, we purchased the Prague City Card to visit many museums, use public transport and enjoy different attractions.

The first place we visited was the Old Town Square and the Clock Tower (Prague Astronomical Clock). The Astronomical Clock is a masterpiece of Prague and legend has it that the person who built the clock had his eyes removed so he could not make anything as beautiful again. We went up the clock tower for a beautiful panoramic view of the city. The tower has an elevator making it really easy to reach the view on top.

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If you do not want to go up the clock tower you can also get a beautiful panoramic view from the neighboring U Prince Hotel Terrace.

Wenceslas Square

We walked down towards Wenceslas Square and the National Museum. The National Museum is a beautiful building with over 200 exhibits covering a wide range of natural history, history, arts and music. If you want to explore the exhibits keep mind you can easily spend the entire day wandering around the museum. It is the most important museum in the city and the interior is just as stunning as the exterior.

The next building we went to photograph is the 19th century State Opera House.

Jerusalem Synagogue

We walked down Washingtonova Street towards the Jerusalem Synagogue. We strongly recommend visiting this synagogue as it is one of the most colorful and beautiful synagogues in the world. Many of the Synagogues that used to look like this one were destroyed during Second World War II.

On the way from the Synagogue to the Prasna Brana we walked passed the Henry’s tower, the tallest bell tower in the city and the Saint Henry Church.

To enjoy the sunset over the city we climbed up the Prasna Brana, one of the original gates to the city. This tower does not have an elevator, so taking the stairs to the top is required.

Day 2: Visiting the Castle Complex and Surrounding areas (Orange)

St Vitus Cathedral

We started our second day in Prague walking across the Manes Bridge towards the Prague Castle. On our way we stopped at the Kafka Museum, and a photo stop with the swans swimming in the river. This spot is the best place to take photos of the swans with the background of the Charles Bridge and Prague Skyline. It is also our favorite spot to watch the sunset!

Coming from the Mane Bridge towards the castle, you have to go up some stairs and right before you make it to the top there is a small coffee shop with a great view of the city.

While in the Prague Castle Complex we stopped at the Golden Lane, the St Vitus Cathedral and the Castle Museum. Outside the Castle is the Loreta Monastery, which we only had time to see from the outside as we were running late, but locals find the interior extremely beautiful.

John Lennon Wall

On our way back towards the center of the city via Charles Bridge we stopped at the Saint Nicholas Church and the John Lennon Wall. At the end of the bridge you will see the historic Clementenium complex, home to the breathtaking National Library of the Czech Republic.

For the afternoon we decided to take a boat tour to see Prague from a new perspective along the Vltava river.

If you have some extra time before the sun goes take make sure to check out one of Frank Gehry’s most prominent works of architecture, the Dancing House, as it is one of Prague’s most beautiful landmarks.

Day 3: Exploring the Jewish Neighborhood (red)

Jewish Neighborhood

On the third day in Prague spend it exploring the Jewish neighborhood of the city, one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe dating back over 1,000 years. There are countless historic synagogues and religious sites to visit that we cover in our complete guide to the Jewish sites of Prague.

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