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The Daniel Wellington Watch experience

While traveling it is key to always use a watch. We have to keep time of what we do and where we go. We learned this the hard way, Jaz is from Ecuador so she is used to always have the same sunset and sunrise time, meaning stores close and open at the same time every day.

She is the one in charge of planning our trips and when we moved to Europe she forgot that in Europe you have more sun during summer and less sun during winter. Many times we forgot to see the time of openings and closings.

Since then we keep a watch always on our wrist to keep sure we get places on time. We decided to partner up with Daniel Wellington because of it’s impeccable timekeeping. The watches are comfortable to travel with because they are light and simple. They are also water resistant, however they recommend that you avoid all contact with water.

Stylish Packaging and Sleek Design

Daniel Wellington takes the experience of owning a watch to the next level. Since you receive the watch you feel unique, classic and elegant. The watch comes in a luxury leather box, with a manual and the two year guarantee.

Once you open the box you can see how thin and elegant the watch is. You can use your new watch in any occasion. Being so thin it is enjoyable to wear, to the point you even forget you are wearing it. The watches we chose have a high quality genuine leather strap, which matches the gold rose or the silver color of the watch. We chose leather because is even more durable.

Their leather straps come in a range of brown and black shades and designs. The cool thing about this watches is the they have easily interchangeable straps. You can change the style of your watch anytime you want, from a elegant leather strap to a playful NATO cloth strap.

The watch is made in a minimalist style as it only shows the roman numerals with no additional notches for minutes. It has a plain and simple white dial to give it a timeless look. My favorite detail of the watch is the blue hands. The watch also displays the date in a small box above the “VI” (six).

They have different designs that will fit different personalities while still keeping the luxury and the elegant style.


The price ranges from $135 to $249 depending on the type of band and the face size. The price might seem high for someone in a budget but it is important to keep in mind the quality of the watch. The watches are manufactured in Sweden and they are sent directly to customers. The watches are only primary for sell in their website.

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