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Del Sol: Cool Color Changing Travel Accessories


Now you might be thinking you already have a travel towel, but none compare with the color-changing beach towel from Del Sol. This pure cotton towel is perfect for the beach, pool or as a picnic blanket. Our first spring day at the park with the towel had everyone admiring the color changing capabilities

In the sun the towel’s monochrome anchor design transform into an explosion of colors. It is sure to catch the attention of others at the beach or pool. If you really want to catch some eyes, keep the towel in the shade when you are not using it so the colors pop every time!


We have the matching Blue Anchor and Hibiscus Sunset beach towels, perfect for a traveling duo. We no longer have to wander the beach looking for our generic towels with the amazing color changing towels of Del Sol. Throw one in your bag and keep one in your car to use for any traveling adventure.


Color changing nail polish


Nail polish has become a very important accessory when dressing up. It takes your look to the next level. The main thing in a nail polish is not just the color but it is also about the quality and how fast it can dry. Having your nails done as a a traveler is a great way to look nice without having to pack a large number of accessories, specially when the color of your nail changes depending on the amount of sunlight they get. It is like two colors in one.

It is a great value for its quality.  You can even sign up for a monthly box subscription which makes it an unbeatable deal.


Durability and Color Change

Del Sol nail polish has a color-change technology that changes color with a little bit of sunlight. They have so many different edgy colors you can choose from including Jaz’s favorite Live, Love, Sparkle. They have a big variety of shades that any woman can fall in love with. The nail polish last a long time and they do not chip for a few days.

We love Del Sol nail polish because not only are they are non toxic and 5 free polish (eliminating five known carcinogens from the formula without sacrificing quality) but they have also never being tested on animals.

del-sol-nail-polish_-2-copy delsolpartnership

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