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Dolphin Watching in Puerto El Morro (Playas), Ecuador

When traveling in Ecuador, the most surprising thing is the diversity the small country. Just head to the southern coast and you will even get the chance to see dolphins!

The El Morro Port is located near Playas (officially known as General Villamil Playas) or a one hour and a half drive from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Here you can enjoy an extensive mangrove swamp where a lot of the crabs are being fished for local resale. There is also other fresh seafood including: shells, scallops, and mussels.

The weather is best between the months of December and April, the temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) and very sunny. Between May and November it goes down to approximately 25 degrees Celsius  (77 degrees Fahrenheit) and less sunny.


Dolphin and Bird Watching Tour

Once you get to the port you will need to buy a ticket for a boat tour. The prices range from $10 to $15 per person. All tours are in Spanish, but you do not miss much as long as you can follow the guide and watch where they are pointing. The tour takes place in a Lancha, a small rustic boat.

On the way to see the bottlenose dolphins (Buffeos in Spanish), you will be able to appreciate the mangroves and do a bit of bird watching. Some of the birds you might spot include: gulls, pelicans, albatrosses, mockingbirds, blue footed booby and herons. Depending on the season you might also see sea lions and whales.

Once you get out to the dolphin watching area the boat slows down for you to get the best photos of the jumping dolphins. No matter which tour group you take all the guides communicate to get everyone an up close viewing experience.

In the distance you are also able to see the industrial port in Guayaquil City. After ample time to watch the dolphins jump and play the boat makes its quick trip back to El Morro Port to end the tour.


Once you get back to the docks you can buy some fresh, local and live seafood to make a delicious dinner at the end of your day trip to the El Morro Port. You can easily get back to Guayaquil or another beach city before sunset, to end your perfect dolphin filled day.

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