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Exploring the Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah is one of the most beautiful parks we have visited in the United States. Driving through the forest, you are met with a majestic vista of red sandstone hoodoo formations. Surrounding yourself with this natural beauty is more approachable than you might imagine. 

Bryce Canyon features an 18-mile scenic route to access 13 different viewpoints from the rim of the canyon over the bright red landscape. All of the viewpoints are on the left side of the road, making them easier to to reach by first driving all the way to the end of the scenic road and pulling off on the way back..

Sunset and Inspiration Points are two of the most famous views of the entire park, they both are located along the rim of the canyon and are easily accessible viewpoints from the main road.

Viewpoints you cannot miss in the park

Throughout the national park there are 15 main viewpoints, all which are just a short walk from each parking lot. Each one provides its own unique view over the beautiful landscape, but make sure not to miss Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Inspiration Point, Bryce Point, Natural Bridge, Agua Canyon, Ponderosa Canyon and Rainbow Point.

Bryce Point and Inspiration Points are two of our favorite most spectacular views in the whole park. Sunrise and Sunset Point hold their names from being the best spots to visit in the early morning and evening! All of the viewpoints have parking to pull off and snap a beautiful photo, just beware as the busy summer season fills the lots.

Top recommended hikes in Bryce Canyon

Peekaboo Loop Trail

The 6-miles roundtrip Peekaboo Loop Trail takes you to see the Wall of Windows and the Cathedral.

Queen’s/Navajo combination Loop

The 3 miles Queen’s/Navajo combination Loop is one of the most popular hikes in all of Bryce Canyon. But it comes as no surprise as you can see the Thor’s Hammer, the Two Bridges and the Queen Victoria sandstone formation.

Tower Bridge Trail

We also recommend you hike the Tower Bridge Trail, a moderate 3-mile round trip hike to see the beautiful Tower Bridge.

Rim Trail

Some of the best views of scenic Bryce Amphitheater can be seen from the Rim Trail, which you can hike anywhere from .5 miles to 11 mile oneway. It all depends on how much time and how far you would like to hike. This trail connects all the viewpoints from Fairyland Point to Bryce Point.

Best photo opportunities

Arrive to Bryce Canyon early as the golden sunrise illuminates the red rocks across the valley. While any viewpoint will make for beautiful photography, we highly recommend Sunset Point and Inspiration Point. At the same time, Thor’s Hammer is quite possibly the most iconic image in the entire park.

Taking the Shuttle

As one of the more popular national parks in the country, Bryce Canyon has its fair number of visitors, especially in the warmer months. While cars are always allowed on the scenic route, there is a free shuttle from the late spring through the fall to alleviate traffic. The shuttle brings you from town to three of the top viewpoints; Sunrise, Sunset and Inspiration point.

Hiking in Bryce Canyon with your dog

The only pet friendly hike in all of Bryce Canyon is the paved route from Sunrise to Sunset Points. You can also take your dog to any of the paved overlooks, but make sure to keep your eye out for any signs limiting dog access.

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Exploring The Hoodos of Bryce Canyon National Park Exploring The Hoodos of Bryce Canyon National Park

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