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Our First Three Valentine’s Days


Steven and I have visited over 200 destination together. Our love for traveling has always been part of our relationship. After one week of dating we took a trip together from Boulder, CO to NYC. Every day since then over the past three years together have been an adventure making each year more special than the last.

Valentine’s Day 2014: Boulder, CO

Valentines 2014

Our first Valentine’s Day in 2014 was in Boulder and I was at work all day. Steven asked my boss if he was allowed to surprise me with a gift at work and she was happy to allow it, as long as it was at the end of the day. I was in the middle of working when Steven showed up with cupcakes, flowers and a huge panda bear, knowing I love pandas to death. It was my best Valentine’s Day up until then, and it is when I knew he was a keeper. It was not about the gift but the detail itself, he got my all favorite things: flowers, a panda and cupcakes!

Valentines 2014

He took me home and when I opened the door I see a huge “I LOVE YOU” written in roses petals and a delicious home cooked dinner, more gifts and cookies waiting for me.

Valentines 2014

My favorite thing was that after a long day at work I could spend some time relaxing and enjoying some delicious food with my boyfriend and my cats. Even the cookie said “I love you.”

Valentine’s Day 2015: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Valentine Beach time

Our second Valentine’s Day in 2015 was in Guayaquil. It was not as exciting as our first Valentine’s, but we made sure to have a romantic day. We drove to the beach for the day and enjoyed a delicious meal and spent some time playing in the sand and the waves.

Valentine Beach time

We watched the sunset over the water before heading back home. It was a delightful day where we got to spend some quality time together while getting away from our jobs and the city.

Valentine’s Day 2016: Zaragoza, Spain


Valentine’s Day 2016 was in Zaragoza, Spain. We celebrated my birthday and Valentines together. Steven planned a surprise trip for the weekend.

We explored Zaragoza during the day and at night Steven took me to a nice restaurant for dinner, with a three meal course and a wine toast. After dinner we were picked up by a limo at the restaurant to go on a tour around Zaragoza.


The limo was so much fun! We had bottle of Champagne and the tour included a camera so we could take photos of the adventures! We drove around the city while dancing to our favorite music.

Zaragoza Valentines

The limo dropped us off at the hotel, which had a nice rooftop spa with a panoramic view of the city. The next day we enjoyed half the day at the spa, then we did what we loved the most: explored a new city together.

Valentine’s Day 2017: ?

We are not sure where this year will take us, but we are hoping to travel to Bolivia to visit the Uyuni Salt Flats and the Colorada Lagoon. Now, it is your turn and tell us more about your Valentine’s Day adventures!

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