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Our First Trip in Ecuador: Parque Nacional Cajas

Hello all, this is my first update from Ecuador!

Since arriving in Ecuador almost a month ago, things have been rather busy for me. Lots of things to get done, all while finishing up the last two classes of my college career online. Hence, I have not had the opportunity to travel and explore much outside of Guayaquil, where I am staying.

One Sunday though, I did have the opportunity to visit the Parque Nacional Cajas along with the neighboring city of Cuenca. Nothing like several hours in the car through windy mountain roads.

  When we first arrived it seemed as though the weather was not on our side. Thick fog was rolling in and it began to drizzle. By the time we topped the first hill, visibility had dropped to the point it was like staring at a white wall. But, we kept on, and the longer we walked the fog began to disappear, allowing us to see the jagged rolling hills and enjoy our hike.

The adventure was not a complete bust, as by the time we returned to the car the skies had cleared and the sun even momentarily peaked out. We headed off to Cuenca for a quick lunch before hitting the curvy road back to Guayaquil. It was a great first trip, and I cannot wait to explore and see what all Ecuador has to offer!

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First trip in Ecuador: Parque Nacional Cajas | ...

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