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Guide to the Best Hotels in Coca, Ecuador

Most people might not know this, but Ecuador is home to a small section of the Amazon Rainforest. The best way to explore this natural beauty is in Yasuni National Park in the northeast of the country. Coca is a small city known as being the gateway to the rainforest.

Pretty much every tour that goes to the rainforest starts in Coca, which makes it a required part of your visit. But, have no worries, we suggest staying in this small town for a day before or after your jungle experience to explore what the town has to offer. You can reach Coca by a short plane ride or long car ride from Quito, the nation’s capital.

To stay in Coca, the most important thing is accomodations! We have a list of the three best hotels in Coca based on our own stays there.

Hotel Williams


We arrived to Hotel Williams late in the evening from Quito and there was no one in the streets. It was straight to the comfy bed for us!

We were surprised the next morning to find out the hotel is located along the edge of central park of the city, bustling with locals. It is also only two blocks from the docks where you can catch your tour boat.

The comfortable accommodations and excellent staff made for an amazing stay at Hotel Williams. They also had no issue watching our bags as we set off to explore Coca for the day.

Hotel Coca Imperial


Our room was at the end of the hall, with a nice sitting area just outside our door. The small comfortable rooms had everything we needed for a great relaxing time.

Just across the street are several small places to grab some food and it is only a five minute walk to the river where the tour boats embark. The best part is it is a close walk to the main supermarket in the city, which was great to pick up snacks and water for our trip.

Heliconias Grand Hotel


For our last night as we were leaving the rainforest we stayed in the Heliconias Grand Hotel. The air conditioning and flat-screen TV are great features to get some rest at the end of a week in the rainforest!

Heliconias is the nicest of the three hotels we stayed in Coca. The hotel includes a pool and jacuzzi with a breakfast buffet each morning. This does make it most expensive of the recommended hotels, but it is still a great price.


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Vijay Patel

Monday 26th of March 2018

Awesome piece of information. Very well written and beautiful images. I was in search of this information for a week now and finally, my search is over. Thank you so much, Steven and Jazmin.