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Summer is the most exciting period of the year. It’s a time for holidays, sun and surf. With so many different possible holiday destinations, the hotel booking site,, wants to pay a select group of people $15,000 each to spend  the summer in one of its “10 best retro beach motels”. 

What’s the Deal? is seeking to hire what they are calling a “retro beach motelier”, whose job is to spend time in its retro beach motels. In exchange for visiting the platform’s “10 best retro beach motels” across the United States, the motelier will be paid $15,000, including a travel stipend of $10,000 and a $5,000 salary.

The booking platform’s retro beach motels are located across the country, from Maine and to Florida, from Washington to California. 

The conditions are clear: a motelier, and a friend of their choice, must leave their cell phone behind before heading off on a nostalgic trip, armed with a Polaroid camera that they will use to document their journey. The motelier will use that Polaroid camera as their primary tool. will also give moteliers a solar-powered AM/FM radio, a striped umbrella, vintage sunglasses, and white, zinc sunscreen.

Applicants must fill in an online questionnaire where they will have to give their Instagram handle and describe what their ideal retro beach hotel looks like. It seems as if the platform is looking to see how good an applicant’s photos are, and if their imagination and ethos fits in with the platform’s aims. After all, a successful retro beach motelier needs to be able to take quality photographs and feel a particular affinity and affection for this trip into nostalgia. Indeed, the platform says that a winner will be chosen based on three things: creativity & originality, the submission’s quality, and how well the applicant fits with the theme. Basically, they are looking for some with a deep appreciation of the retro beach theme, and a talent for taking photographs. 

The 10 Best Retro Beach Motels ranks the top 10 best retro beach motels as follows:

  • Waikiki Village Retro Hotel, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (from $179 per night).
  • Casa Morada, Islamorada, Florida (from $375 per night)
  • Sound View Greenpoint, Greenport, New York (Long Island) (from $563 per night)
  • Parker Beach Lodge, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts (from $195 per night)
  • Vagabond Hotel, Miami, Florida (from $169 per night)
  • Cambria Beach Lodge, Cambria, California (from $269 per night)
  • The Montauk Beach House, Montauk, New York (Long Island), (from $512 per night)
  • LOGE Westport, Westport, Washington (from $129 per night)
  • The Pearl Hotel, San Diego, California (from $230 per night)
  • Lincolnville Motel, Lincolnville, Maine (from $180/night)

As has proudly noticed, two of these two motels are here in California. Each of these motels is united by a shared retro theme, while also being budget-friendly, and offering a high quality of service. argues that these motels are better value-for-money than the typical luxury hotel.

Applications for this unique job offer close on the 5th of August. Applicants must be at least 21 years old. 

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