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How To Apply for An ESTA To Visit The United States

The United States has everything to offer its travelers from big malls, beautiful landscapes and a lot of history.  If you are planning to visit The United States, you will need to apply for an ESTA. An ESTA is a travel authorization that allows you to travel to the United States if you hold an European passport. It is really easy to apply for an ESTA and you can apply at eVisa Application Services.

eVisa Application Services

eVisa Application Services has created a British website for travelers who are interested to visit The Unites States. The website is user friendly and offers multiple ways to pay for your ESTA. You can simply fill in the online form on the website. After you have paid, the application will be checked manually by someone from eVisa Application Services. After your ESTA form has been checked it will be submitted. This reduces the possibility of mistakes on the application.

eVisa Application Services is a young company with an enthusiastic team. They offer customer services 7 days a week, to help you with your questions about the application. Once your ESTA has been accepted by the American CBP they will send you the confirmation by email. If you rather have the confirmation on paper you can also choose for it to be send through the mail for a small charge.

Usually you will receive your ESTA by email within a couple of hours. However, you should be aware that the American CBP (Customs and Border Protection) is allowed to take 72 hours to make a decision. An ESTA is valid for two years, but it will expire when you need to extend your passport in the meantime. This is due to the fact that your ESTA is linked to your passport.

Interested in applying for an ESTA? Read more on the website


Visit the Grand Canyon with your ESTA

The Grand Canyon is located in the northern part of Arizona. This huge canyon was created by the forces of water. It took millions of years for this unbelievable landscape to be the way it is today. Since the area kept rising up it was possible for this type of extreme erosion to take place here. The Grand Canyon is about 435 kilometres long and has a width that varies between 15 and 29 kilometres.

To this day experts are still unsure on how old exactly the Grand Canyon is. Multiple researches have led to different results on this matter. However, according to some experts the exposed stone you see now is about 2 million years old.

The Grand Canyon is a popular tourist destination. Especially the sun rise and sun set are very beautiful. Therefore, we advise you to visit the Grand Canyon during this time of day, if you want to take the most impressive pictures. During the sun rise and sun set the lighting is fairly soft in comparison to later in the day. To truly see and enjoy all the beauty the Grand Canyon has to offer people often advise you to stay here longer than a day. You could stay in one of the hotels located near the Grand Canyon. Another tip we would like to give you is to wear sturdy shoes if you plan to go hiking. In case you have any more questions when you get here, you can always go to the Visitor Center or address a park ranger.

Apart from hiking you could also take a helicopter ride to explore the Grand Canyon. These helicopter tours are allowed to fly very low over the canyon, which gives you a breath-taking view. When you visit the Grand Canyon a helicopter ride is definitely worth it!







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