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How to backup your photos while traveling?

You never expect the worst while traveling but it best to be prepared. The first time we went on a long trip as Travel to Blank we got robbed and lost an entire months worth of photos. It was painful not only because we lost all of our Eurotrip photos but because it was a big obstacle in starting our travel blog business.

We thought about backing up our photos but something always comes up when traveling and we never got to it. We learned our lesson the hard way and now every day on the road we backup all of photographs. In this article we share the best way to backup photos while traveling.

Tip: Backup your content at least twice and keep the backups in different places. This is just in case you get robbed or you spill something on the hard drive.

1. Backup your photos with an SD card enabled hard drive

If you are not traveling with a computer then having a hard drive with a built in SD card reader is easier to backup your photos. Just plug in your SD card into the portable external drive and the backup process begins with the touch of a button.

One of the more popular products to hit the market is the GNARBOX backup device, with two successful Kickstarter campaigns in the bag. These are more expensive than a regular external hard drive, but do not require an additional device and offer rugged solutions.

2. Backup your photos with an external hard drive using your computer

No matter where we go we take our portable external hard drive with us. In total we have three external drives; one stays at home, one we travel with and the other one is dead storage, just in case something happens to the others.

Yes, we back up our content three times. It might sound crazy but you never know and the minimal investment on an extra hard drive is better than losing all our photos and videos.

When traveling it is good to have the portable hard drive somewhere different than your computer in case one gets robbed, stolen or damaged! You can buy a portable drive from 250 GB to 4TB and up. We honestly buy the option with the best price per gigabyte, which is normally the higher storage device, and it will harder run out of space either way.

3. Backup your photos on the memory card

We bring a half a dozen of SD cards on our trips so we never have to delete any photos or videos during the trip. We wait until we are home, backup the photos and videos to our home computer and home external drive before clearing out the SD card. The best photo is not always the best looking photo on the small camera screen and having more options than fewer.

The amount memory and number of SD cards you should bring on a trip depends on the quality of your camera, the quality of the photos you are taking and the length of your trip. We bring at least three 64GB SD cards and a waterproof case to keep them safe.

4. Backup your cellphone photos online

We love taking photos with the Google Pixel 2 because of the superior photo quality, especially in low light. The best part is setting up the Google Photos application to automatically backup all the photos to Google photos when the phone connects to WiFi.

Even if you do not have a Android phone you can still automatically upload all your photos to the iCloud, Google Drive or Google Photos. If you want to keep the highest resolution photos backed up, a paid upgrade for more storage space will be required. 

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Five aways to back up your photos while traveling

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