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How to Be a Better Tourist in Your Own Country

Travel has been heavily restricted this year, and even now many authorities are telling people only to travel if necessary, what better time than to become a tourist in your own country? So many of us are guilty of failing to explore our own nation, falling instead for the promise of exotic lands and foreign cultures. The best approach of course is to do a little bit of both, enjoying the fruits of your own nation and to spread your wings abroad and discover more about the world we live in. Given that heading abroad is not a smart idea, here is how to be a tourist at home. 

Culture and Heritage 

Do you know the traditions and the cultural heritage of your country? Many understand the key moments which helped to shape a nation, but few truly understand where they are from and what the history of their country looks like. This is a perfect place to start when touring your own country. There are many tours which are up and running that will not only show you the important areas of your own country, but which will also teach you about why they are important. Welcome to Country is a great example of this, imparting knowledge and history about the aborigine culture in Australia, a great way to scratch beneath the surface of the country. 

Forgetting Assumptions

The reason why many of us are guilty of not exploring what we have on our doorstep is that we make assumptions that we know what places are all about. For example visiting Ayers Rock, many Australians assume that because they have seen so many images of this place and because it is in their home nation that they will get nothing from visiting. When you are standing in front of that giant monolith however, there is a very different feeling you get than staring at a photo. To become a tourist, you have to think as a tourist would. 

Open Yourself Up To Cities

If we consider the cities in our country at a general level, then they are very much the same with regards to the infrastructure and what they offer. If however we focus on the details, you’ll find that each city has its own charm, its own ways and its own unique approach to living. Take the time to explore cities in your country, learn a little about their history and look for experiences which will show off more of the city than you realize existed. 

Speaking to Strangers

Interestingly, when we head off abroad for a vacation or a few months on the road, we become far more open and willing to talk to strangers. If you are going to be a tourist in your own country then speaking to strangers has to be a part of it. Even if you’re from the same nation, we all have different backgrounds and something fresh to bring to a conversation. 

Traveling abroad may be restricted, but this has given us a wonderful opportunity to explore our own countries. 

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