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How to Keep Your Car Safe and Secure for Your Family on the Road

When going on a road trip with the family, your number one priority should be making sure the car is safe and secure. During vacation, your family is more vulnerable to car theft since you are visiting a new city as tourists, most likely unaware of the area – thus, making them prime targets for theft and conning. However, as long as you equip yourself with the right knowledge and make your car as theft-proof as possible, you are more likely to avoid any unexpected and bad surprises during your family fun time.

This is how to keep your car safe and secure for your family on the road:

1. Take it in for maintenance before the road trip

The most important action to take before going on a road trip is taking your car in for maintenance and a tune-up. Get your brakes checked, invest in quality tire care, change the oil, and run tests to see if your lights are all properly functioning. Generally, you should take your car in for maintenance even when not going on a road trip to keep it optimized and functioning at its best.

2. Keep valuables out of sight when leaving the vehicle unattended

Sometimes, thieves steal small amounts of money in the cup holder, not just your smartphone or wallet. Reduce the likelihood of car-thievery by leaving absolutely no valuables in sight, including jackets! If a thief does end up stealing from your vehicle, they may even go farther and steal the vehicle itself, too. You can also take preventative measures against theft by installing additional security features to your car, such as a tracking device and unsuspecting alarm. 

3. Be mindful of where you park

When stopping to sight-see or take a break at a pit stop, choose a safe and open area to park your car. The last place you want your car to be is away from witnesses and in a dark spot. If you are parking in a hotel lot, for example, choose parking spots that are close to security cameras and night guards. Thieves often avoid areas that can jeopardize their presence or document any evidence of their crime. Also, you or a family member can reduce the chances of becoming a victim by implementing the buddy system at all times.

4. Bring belongings inside your lodging

You never want to leave important items in your car overnight in an unfamiliar parking lot, nor should trust that a locked vehicle will keep belongings safe. While it may seem like a hassle to constantly bring your things into your room every night, it’s an action worth taking in case someone breaks into your car. They will be disappointed to find that there is nothing for them to steal in the first place since you have everything on your person already!

5. Always lock doors and close windows

This is a given, but is sometimes a neglected action. If you leave your doors unlocked and windows open, the circumstance makes it easier for thieves to steal your things. In fact, doing so even helps them leave no evidence of their theft whatsoever. At the same time you should not keep your vehicle running despite locking all doors and closing windows. Car theft commonly occurs when a vehicle is left unattended by its owner and a person may be willing to break your window to get a hold of your car. You may not even realize your car was stolen until it is too late!

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