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How to make sure you do not miss our latest travel updates

We always find that as soon as we have mastered a social media platform the next morning they announce a major change. And my guess is we are not the only ones who feel this way! With these updates it can be harder for you to continue seeing our newest travel photos, videos and walking guides.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more companies are set on showing you only updates they think you want to see rather than what you actually want to see. At the same time, because Travel To Blank is a business, the social media platforms want us the pay them to reach you, our eager audience.

We have created this simple guide to make sure you never miss our latest content, on whatever platform you use most. These tips are super helpful not only for the Travel To Blank community, but for any brand or individual you want to never miss an update from.

See our travel updates in your Facebook News Feed

  1. Sign into Facebook.
  2. Head on over to the Travel To Blank page.
  3. Click on the three dots underneath the banner image.
  4. Under In Your News Feed click “See First.”
  5. Under Notifications click “On.”
  6. Await our live videos and exciting updates.

Make sure our travel photos appear in your Instagram

  1. Open up Instagram on your phone.
  2. Make your way to our account.
  3. Click on the three horizontal or vertical dots, depending on if you are using an Android or Apple device.
  4. Click “Turn On Post Notifications.”
  5. Never miss an inspiring Instagram post.
  6. Comment on the photos to participate in our community.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for wanderlust inspiration

  1. Go to our YouTube Channel.
  2. Click the red “Subscribe” button.
  3. Wait for our weekly wanderlust videos.

Sign up for our weekly newsletter for our latest guides straight to your inbox

  1. On our website, scroll along the right sidebar until you see the section titled “Join Our Newsletter.”
  2. Enter in your email and optionally, your name.
  3. Click “Sign Up.”
  4. Go to your email to confirm the subscription.
  5. Read our weekly newsletter hot off the press.

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