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How to Pack Light for a Seven-Day Cruise

One of the most tedious parts of planning an extended vacation is packing. You’re going to be gone for a while, so, you want to make sure you have everything you need. Yet, taking too many things along with you is expensive as it increases your costs at the airport. Not to mention, lugging all those things around can be cumbersome. Packing light, even for a seven-day cruise is possible. Here are some smart packing tips to assist you.

One Bag Challenge

Pack a Smart Carry-On

When packing for your cruise tell yourself that you’re only taking one bag. This will help you to be more practical when it comes to making decisions on what you should and shouldn’t take. Since you’re allowed on carryon bag on the plane, this concept also saves you a ton of money. Just be sure that you choose the right bag. There are bags that are great for maximizing your space as they have both large and small compartments to neatly fit everything you need for travel.

Fold and Roll

Fold and Roll

Since you’re only taking one bag you want to maximize the space. To do this, you’ll need to condense the size of everything you’re packing. As clothes tend to take up the most space, the best way to reduce it is to fold and roll them. Obviously, this wouldn’t count for things like swimwear as it’s already small in size, but your dresses, shorts, and shirts should be neatly folded and tightly rolled.

Compression folding bags are another option if you want to pack more things. You fold your clothes, place it inside the bag, and then vacuum seal them shut. This reduces even the bulkiest clothing items down to a small size.


Pack in Three’s

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You don’t need to have an outfit for each day of the week during your cruise. You can use the laundry facilities or find a place to wash your clothes when you stop at a port. So, use the rule of three. Pack three sets of underwear, three dresses (or short sets), and three pairs of socks. When it comes to shoes, try to keep it at three pair or less. A pair of slip resistant shoes for by the pool, a pair of sandals, and perhaps one nice pair of shoes for evening events.

Pack Versatile

How in the world are you going to decide which outfits to bring with you on a cruise? So you don’t get carried away, try to pack things that are versatile. In other words, try to pack clothing items that can easily be paired with others to make new outfits. Instead of going with a pair of patterned shorts, for example, you might go with tan, navy, white, or denim as they can go with several different tops.

Travel Sized Items

You need essentials like lotion, deodorant, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and mouthwash for your seven-day cruise. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should grab the ones present in your bathroom. Taking larger products reduces the amount of room you have to pack other things you might need. So, purchase travel-size products to bring with you. Though smaller in size, they still provide you with the essentials you need while away on vacation.

Leave the Books at Home

Bring your Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet and Headphones

Thinking about catching up on some leisurely reading during your cruise? Do yourself a favor and leave the books home. This doesn’t mean you can’t read, but books can take up a lot of space. It is better instead to download digital versions of the book using an eBook Reader app and read them from your tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Of course, you want to look great and have all the things you need while on your seven-day cruise. Overpacking, however, is not the answer. It only weighs you down and costs you more to travel. Packing the essentials and finding travel hacks to help you do so efficiently is ultimately the best solution.   


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