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How to plan a Euro trip saving money with Hotwire

Jazmin and her mother are in the planning stages of a month long Euro trip with stops scheduled for Madrid, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Sofia, Ljubljana, Vienna, Lisbon and Porto. To travel longer through Europe and maximize our budget and comfort for this adventure, we are making our hotel reservations through Hotwire to enjoy 4-star hotels at 2-star hotel prices. If you start realizing how expensive hotels can be when traveling for an extended period of time, any discount or good deal can make a huge difference on your overall experience by freeing up budget to spend on other parts of the adventure.

Hotwire has a great feature to save money with Hot Rate Deals. The way Hot Rate Deals work is by giving you the hotel name and address only after you complete your booking. It is great because this allows you to get a hotel room significantly below published prices. The deal does not end there; to celebrate Hotwire’s 18th birthday use the promo code HBD18 now through  October 19th, 2018 you get an additional $18 off your booking over $180.

Booking my hotel in Prague:

To make a new reservation you need to first select the destination, the days you want to stay and the number of guests. Then Hotwire shows a list of all the hotels along with the Hot Rate Deals available in the area. There is a hotel list and map for you to choose the neighborhood where you would like to stay.

When looking for the location where we wanted to stay, we did a quick search of where the places we want to visit in Prague are located and mapped the results to find out what neighborhood in the city is best to stay for us. In Prague, it is best to stay close to the Old Town. On the top of the hotel list and the map there are several filters such as: hotel rating, price range, hotel class, amenities, areas, recommendation and even TripAdvisor ratings. These filters help narrow down your search to exactly what you are looking for.

We wanted to take full advantage of Hotwire’s discounts by choosing a hotel through Hot Rate Deals. After choosing which hotel class we want under the Hot Rate Deals it takes you to a new page where you will often see a selection of  four possible hotels  and the option to choose your bed type. This page also shows a map of the attractions in the same area as the hotels, which is a pretty cool way to double check you are staying in your preferred area.

Hotwire booking hotel in prague

Before completing the reservation, it is important to check each hotel separately on Hotwire and see if they are good for your needs, as you are guaranteed to get one of those four options. If you like those options then go ahead and finish up the reservation reservation.

It is important to keep in mind that the name of the hotel you will get your booking is only revealed after you make the reservation and that all bookings are final, meaning no refunds or exchange. The reason why the reservation through Hot Rate Deals is non-refundable nor exchangeable is to help bring you the best price possible.

 For our example in Prague we booked a three night stay at the The Moods Boutique Hotel for a total of $410, and looking at the same dates on any other platform the cost showed at a total of $523. This means I saved $113 by using Hot Rate Deals on Hotwire or an average of $37.66 per day, which is a great addition to our daily spending budget.

Five advantages of booking through Hotwire Hot Rate Deals:

1. You will save money on your reservation.

2. You can receive a 4-star hotel for the price of a 2-star hotel.

3. You can select the area you want to stay.

4. It often gives you the name of the possible hotels before booking so you can do your own research.

5. It saves you time as it gives you the best value possible in a high rated hotel.

The disadvantage of booking through Hotwire Hot Rate Deals:

1. Bookings are final and non-refundable nor changeable.

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Sean Kenealy

Friday 2nd of November 2018

I really like the travel tips you have have post here on your blog. Moreover, I really like whole site. Layout is clean and the color scheme is fantastic as well. If you are ever in the Southwest region of the United States, it would be awesome to collaborate on a guest blog post for each others site! Keep up the great work!

Travel To Blank

Monday 5th of November 2018

Thank you for all the kind words. We will absolutely reach out to you when we are next on that side of the country.