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How To Prevent Dog Travel Anxiety

Traveling with a dog can cause anxiety, stress and motion sickness for your pet. Whether you are traveling by car or plane a dog does not fully comprehend or understand what is happening or where they are going. In the worst case, the dog might think they are going to an undesirable destination, like the vet, based on previous experience.

However, when arriving to a new destination there is nothing more priceless than your dog’s excitement to smell all the new things and make its mark on every corner.

There are several easy tips all dog owners can follow to prevent dog travel anxiety.

Get your dog used to traveling

Before you head out on an epic road trip across the United States or jet around the world with your dog take time to get them accustomed to the mode of travel. Sit in the car with your dog for short periods of time, while making positive memories through petting and treats.

Exercise with your dog before traveling

Before you embark on a long trip with your dog, take them for an extra long walk or run. This way the dog can use up all their energy and have an easier time traveling for long distances. If your dog has enough exercise they can also sleep entirely through a shorter trip.

Treat your dog with FOMO Bones

Reward your dog with FOMO Bones, infused with the highest quality CBD Isolate. This natural hemp based product does not get your dog high, but will help even the most anxious dog remain calm during any trip.

FOMO Bones are perfect for dog anxiety on road trips, plane rides and staying in new destinations. Not only do they natural calm your dog, but they are also a delicious treat to reward them for the good behaviour.

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Bring a favorite dog toy or blanket

Traveling with your dog

Pack one of your dog’s favorite toys or a blanket that smells like home. These familiar scents will keep your dog relaxed in a new destination as it feels like home.

Keep the car comfortable for your dog

When you are actually traveling with a dog by car or plane remember you dog cannot easily tell you of specific discomfort or anxiety. Make sure your dog is not too hot or cold, open a window for fresh air and shade from the sun. Also beware of loud music, dog motion sickness and keeping a smooth ride.

Watch dog food and water intake

Make sure your dog has adequate access to food and water during your trip, and that they are actually drinking and eating. This does mean you will need to take regular pit stops for your dog to stretch and go to the bathroom. It is simply one less thing your dog has to worry about when experiencing a new destination.

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