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How to Workout in a Small Space

There are many reasons we might find ourselves having to workout in small spaces, be it in our apartments during quarantine or a hotel room when we are allowed to travel again. There are plenty of exercises one can easily do in small spaces, which goes to show that gyms are not necessarily required. All you need is enough space for your body to move and an effective HIIT workout. 

Wall sit

Find an empty space on your wall, press your back against it, bend into a squat position moving your feet forward until your knees make a 90-degree angle and your hamstrings are parallel to the floor. 


A very simple but effective bodyweight exercise that requires zero equipment. Targets and strengthens core, and engages quads, glutes, arms and shoulders. It may seem extremely easy but posture and execution is crucial in this exercise, so if you are not an expert, check out this page on planks for beginners


We are all familiar with push-ups, though some of us may struggle more than others. There are different difficulty levels that can all be done in a small space – wall push-ups, kneeling push-ups, standard push-ups – all designed to increase strength in your upper body and core by working your pectoral muscles, triceps and shoulders. 


A great lower body exercise designed to strengthen your knees and hips, reducing the likelihood of sustaining future injury. Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, toes pointing outwards. Engage your core, look ahead and keep your back straight when you bend your knees, pushing back up through the heels of your feet and keeping your glutes tight. 


With so many variations all designed to build lower body power, lunges are an effective exercise to do in a small space. Start by standing with your feet together, then step forward with one leg while lowering your hips until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle and making sure your front knee is above your ankle. For best results, ensure your back is straight and your core is engaged throughout. 


This exercise is designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles, lower back and glutes. Kneel with your knees hip-width apart and your hands placed about shoulder-width apart. Once you are balanced and your core is engaged, raise one arm straight out in front of you, and extend the opposite leg behind you. 

Chair dip

Dips are unrivalled calisthenics exercises that target your triceps and chest, while helping you cultivate muscular endurance, fitness and flexibility. If you are unfamiliar with this exercise, it is best to start with a chair: begin by sitting on the edge with your palms firmly on the seat and your legs extended in front of you, then suspend your body using your arms to support your weight and dip in front of the chair with your feet on the ground. 

Being able to workout whenever and wherever increases motivation to do so. Once we realize the gym isn’t the only place to be able to exercise effectively, and we structure our workout routines accordingly, exercising becomes even more enjoyable!

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