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Las Vegas Glitz and Glamour: The Neon Museum

Las Vegas, is also known as the City of Lights, and if you walk around the Strip at night it is easy to see why. While most signs in Vegas have become electronic, neon signs had their heyday in the mid-20th century. Luckily you can still see these iconic signs at the boneyard in the Neon Museum.

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A Tour Through the Lights of Las Vegas

The museum has over 200 signs from old casinos and other businesses in a sprawling 6 acres lot. Take a one hour guided tour of the history of Las Vegas through its neon signs. See such classics as the Golden Nugget, Moulin Rouge and the futuristic Stardust.

Visit During the Day

Hour long guided tours of the boneyard are available every 20 minutes throughout the day. The tour takes you on a short walk through the boneyard, with plenty of time to snap a photo of every sign. The day time tours are best for photographs of every sign in natural lighting. You will be surprised how quickly the hour passes by!

An important note is that the museum boneyard is outdoors and you are subject to the weather. Over the summer, with the bright sun, temperatures can reach upwards of 100° F. The museum does offer small umbrellas to use during the tour, but make sure to dress appropriately.

Visit During the Evening

As the sun sets over the Strip, the lights begin to shine and it is no different at the Neon Museum. Witness the 11 fully restored neon signs in their full glowing glory. The rest of the signs in the boneyard are decoratively lit with spotlights, to make sure you do not miss a shot.

The beautiful restored signs giving off the iconic neon glow are not to be missed. Remember that tripods are not allowed, so practice taking steady shots for crisp nighttime photography.

A Must Visit off the Strip

During your time in Las Vegas make sure to venture off the Strip to enjoy some of the many other exciting areas the city has to offer. We highly recommend you head on over to the Neon Museum and the Fremont Street Experience, the original heart of Las Vegas.

No matter which tour you decide to take, or want to take both, it is important to book your tickets in advance online. The tours do fill up especially at peak hours, so make sure to plan ahead.

See our complete trip with many more photos and behind the scenes videos on our TraveLibro account.

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