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Last minute Amazon holidays gift for travelers under $25



If you are looking for a last minute gift for your friend or family member who is always traveling, we have you covered with the best travel gifts under $25.

AUKEY Clip-On Smartphone Camera Lens


Clip on smartphone lenses are the best addition you can get for your photography travel gear. It takes no space and can give a unique and professional look to your photos. The fisheye lens can give you the wider look you need sometimes from your phone.

RFID Blocking Wallet


As technology advances on our passports and credit cards, you have to change the way you protect yourself. An RFID blocking wallet will keep all your essential information out of the hands of potential thieves.

External Battery pack


If you plan own a cell phone, iPod, tablet or other USB charged device and are bringing it on your trip, an external battery pack is a must. There is no need to sit in the corner at at a restaurant waiting for your phone to charge, when you can bring your own power.

eBags Packing Cubes


We are new users of packing cubes and we love them! They make the packing/unpacking drill so much easier and enjoyable. You will never need to empty your entire bag to find a lost sock again.

Camelbak  Insulated Water bottle


I have recommended the insulated water bottle to everyone in my family. It is my favorite so far. It is durable and it keeps the water chilly regardless of the weather outside. It comes in great color combinations as well.

Toiletries bag


We recommend to only use one large toiletries bag to keep everything organized and do a good use of the space. We keep a medium size packing cube for all the liquids and it fits inside the large bag.

Travel Scrape off board


Travel scrape off posters are a great addition for any travelers home. It not only helps to keep track of where you have been but it also inspires you to visit new destinations. We bought a map of the US after finishing our road trip and highlight the route we drove and then framed it. It is a nice reminder of our trip, you can do something similar by marking all the places you have visited.

Collapsable water bottle


When traveling there are many times we need to carry extra water, a hike, long walk or on an airplane. A collapsable water bottle is a light weight and space friendly option to help keep you hydrated along your travels.


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