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Luno Wear Ebony and Bamboo Wooden Watches Review

LunoWear watches began with the inspiration from the Co-founder, Boman Farrer’s grandfather and his lifetime of watch making. They sought to bring these years of heritage into a stylish and lightweight watch option, and the LunoWear was born.

The Wood Watches Review:

Wooden Watches Style

luno wear: Wooden Watches Style

LunoWear brings the maximum style and form to these lightweight designs. The use of nice leather straps and smooth wooden faces make these watches great for everything from your morning jog to your night out.

The Pine Watch

Steven received the Pine Watch, with a brown leather strap and a dark ebony wood watch case. The watch face is very light, giving it a high contrast with the numbers. This means you can tell the time even with a quick glance.

We would describe the size of the watch as medium, perfect for men of all sizes and women if they like the design. Its lightweight design also means it does not weigh you down throughout the day.

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The Red Hana Watch

Jaz has the Red Hana Watch, which has a bamboo watch case. She was immediately drawn to the fact you can pick the color of the watch strap and highlights; tan, black, white, green or red. The obvious choice for her is red, one of her favorite colors.

The watch face itself brings about true minimalism with no numbers and just a faint etching of the logo on the bottom. This minimal design will make it the perfect accessory for every occasion.

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Wooden Watch Comfort:

Luno Wear Ebony and Bamboo Watches Review

With real leather straps, the watch does take several days to be worn in. The strap starts real stiff, but will comfortably curve to your wrist in no time. The smooth strap and lightweight watch face make it great on your wrist no matter what you are up to.

Our biggest fear with getting a wooden watch has always been that the wood will be uncomfortable to the touch. Yet with the LunoWear, there is not a rough edge in sight. Due to its bamboo construction, the watch is so light we almost forgot it was there.

Bamboo Watches Durability:

Bamboo Watches Luno Wear

The biggest concern one might have about a wooden watch is its ability to stand up to the elements. The LunoWear watches are water resistant with a special treatment application. They are not waterproof, which is not an issue for us, as saltwater or chlorine do not do wonders to a watch either way.

The watch face itself is durable against scratches, which is great, as you do not need to worry while traveling. It feels solid on our wrist, ready for any adventure that comes our way!


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