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Luxury experience in 5-star cruises in Halong Bay

In recent years, traveling by luxury cruises has been a growing trend. It provides tourists a chance to do everything they want on a ship while receiving the best service. Floating on the sea, enjoy the charming atmosphere at Halong Bay with your lover, friends or family!

In the Floating City, you will find a full range of services on the ship such as: luxurious restaurants, musical theater stages, entertainment venues and swimming pools. The modern luxury ship provides a warm atmosphere for maximum comfort. Check out this list of Halong Bay cruises to find the right one for your next vacation.

The exquisite dining room, diverse menu of food and drinks are the perfect choice for parties. You are also immersed in the magnificent views of the limestone islets and the clear blue waters of Halong Bay in the spacious and fully equipped sunbathing area. Luxury cruises have spa services of international standards. This type of traveling will leave you with a unique and interesting experience!

Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

To meet the demands of tourists, Halong Bay luxury cruise provide tourists with a luxurious and comfortable space with all 5-star standard furniture and facilities, restaurants and buffets. The food on the Halong Bay cruise are chosen by professional chefs and processed at 5-star standards, ensuring freshness, quality to satisfy you. The menu not only has fresh seafood but also diverse cuisines around the world.

Each cabin has a stunning view of Halong Bay and are spacious enough for you to enjoy the trip. Imagine, after a long day of experiencing many activities on the ship, when night falls, tourists will see the starry sky in a quiet space with only the sea breeze and the wave. You can also admire the beauty of sunrise in Halong Bay and peaceful atmosphere with their partner while lying on the bed. The relaxing feeling will follow you through your exciting journey.

Luxury Restaurant

Many people think that they have stay on the ship all day, but it not true. Each cruise anchors at a range famous destinations in Halong Bay for exploring and kayaking, including: Sung Sot cave, Vung Vieng village, etc. Tourists can also take part in a cooking class or Tai chi exercise.

Halong Bay luxury cruise do not have only private space, it also has room for public activities. You are able to talk with new friends coming from around the world during a Halong Bay luxury cruise. You can easily chat with other people by joining clubs, parties or just sunbathing.

Having new friends will not only make your journey more fun, but they also provide new interesting perspectives from other countries.

New experience compared with road route

Choosing a luxury cruise is a fun way to explore Halong Bay. With the exciting plans, the cruise allows you to admire many places which you are not able to visit on a land based tours. The attractions are selected carefully, including beautiful, unique and attractive places that give visitors the best experience. There are only blue sea, white sand, warm sunshine and the sound of waves hitting the ship.

Modern Furniture With A Great View to Halong Bay

Have you ever wished to sit in a private balcony and admire the wonder of nature with your lover? Having a romantic dinner with delicious dishes, wine and piano music melody in charming atmosphere? Or simply take a dip in the swimming pool with your favorite cocktail? Halong Bay luxury cruise will make your dream come true.

The form of vacation on the Luxury cruise in Ha Long has developed and served tourists for many years so you can be sure of the quality. Foreign tourists go to some famous beaches in the traditional way and cannot explore all the beauty of Halong Bay because they just do not know about this wonderful kind of travel. Halong Bay Luxury Cruise not only gives you a great service, but also at the best price. Going vacation in luxury cruise becomes a Hot trend in Halong Bay now!

Enjoy A Romantic Journey With your Partner

Every Vietnam tourist is familiar with Halong Bay – the world cultural heritage, the “wonderland on the sea”, but few people know that Ha Long is also one of the best places to watch the sunset and sunrise in the world. There is no resort or hotel that tourists can admire sunset and sunrise right in their room, but with Ha Long luxury cruise is completely feasible.

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Luxury Experience in Ha Long Bay

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