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Make your road trip a memorable one

Even if you are not traveling with family and you have planned a trip with friends, there are several ways to make sure you have a fun time during the trip. We are sure you will not want to miss on these hacks as they will save you a hell lot of boredom.

Musical games:

Keep your kids amused with link-song lyrics for an exciting sing-along game. Here is how to play the musical feat: One person starts singing a song. Using a word or lyric from the current song, the next person has to bond it with another song. It goes on until someone messes up the lyrics or is baffled.

Pack a road map & pens:

Google maps are all classy and good, but devoid of a proper road map, you are exposing yourself to detraction if the signals fail or your battery is spent. Map your trip and frame it as soon as you reach home and save it as a souvenir!

Ask around the neighborhood where to eat:

A local will show you the way to a better tasting, light-on-pocket dinner better than a guide could ever recommend. Find a local and ask them directions to best place to eat in town.

Bring a spare car key:

My apologies for making it sound like a no-brainer, but during all the fun times there are those who have not planned so well. Keeping a spare set of keys or better yet a remote car start will save you the nuisance of looking for a spare key maker in the unknown surroundings. However, if you do get locked out, there is normally a mobile mechanic not too far from you.

Do not forget your camera:

Not bringing your camera can cost you saving memories for a life time. It will be etched in your memories undoubtedly, but what about when you grow old and your recollecting capacity is not as sharp as it once was?

Do not keep road trips confined to the destination only! With a wee little bit of forethought and prudence, you can make a regular road trip experience into an unforgettable time with your friends and family exploring a new part of the country.

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Ryan Biddulph

Thursday 26th of October 2017

Asking around the hood is smart advice guys. You will always find the best eats in any area if you ask around. If you are on a road trip or just walking through some area, ask the locals where to eat. Most of the time these will be inexpensive and offer the best fare too, well off of the tourist beaten path. It may take some digging and exploring but goodness, definitely worth it. Fab tips guys.


Travel To Blank

Thursday 26th of October 2017

Where locals eat tends to be the best cuisine at the best prices. In Buenos Aires we asked a random person on the street and ended up having the best steak of our entire week there, at half the price!