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Manfrotto MVH500AH and Manfrotto MT190x3 Tripod Review

After years of traveling we realized that the best photos of us as a couple came from a tripod. We found by asking fellow travelers for help that everyone knows how to take a picture but not how to take the perfect picture. We now always travel with a tripod to get the perfect shot.


Taken with a Canon 7D and Manfrotto MVH500AH and MT190x3

A tripod is also key when shooting night photography or moving subjects such as waterfalls. It helps stabilize the camera and adds the ability to shoot in a slower shutter speed.

Taken with a Canon 7D and Manfrotto MVH500AH and MT190x3

Taken with a Canon 7D and Manfrotto MVH500AH and MT190x3

We have used several tripods in the past, but each one ended up broken or was just not sturdy enough. While we were studying our master in Visual and Digital Media we realized what a difference a good tripod can for your photos and videos.

Manfrotto makes high end camera accessories ranging from tripods, monopods, camera heads and gimbals. As professional travelers we are conscious of how much weight we carry with us. That is why we choose a mid-weight but sturdy camera head and tripod body.

Manfrotto MVH500AH and Manfrotto MT190x3 Tripod Review

The Ultimate Versatile Tripod


The Manfrotto MT190X3 Aluminum Tripod is a innovative and sturdy tripod. It has a load capability of 15.4 pounds and it reach up to 63″ and as low as 3.5″ off the ground! The folded length is 23.2″ and it weighs just 4.4 pounds, which is great for travelers who want high quality but do not want to carry heavy equipment.

The QPL system allows the three leg sections to be easily extended with one hand for a quick set up. Each leg can be separately set to four different angles which is perfect for stairs, uneven ground or rough terrain. An Easy Link adapter allows for a simple connection between the tripod and accessories, such as lights.

Lightweight Fluid Tripod Video head


We have the Manfrotto MVH500AH, which is a fluid based camera head. Its fluid drag on pan and tilt is perfect if you love recording video. It has really good balance and smooth precision for any type of movement. There is a bubble level built right into the head giving you straight shots no matter the ground.


It is not just for video as the quick locking tilt combined with the slide and lock system make for the perfect photo setups. The head weighs 2 pounds and it can hold up to 11 pounds, perfect for pretty much any DSLR camera.

In Conclusion


The Manfrotto MVH500AH Fluid Video Head with MT190X3 tripod is a great stepping stone for amateurs looking for a more professional finish to their work. It even has enough features and capabilities to be the go to tripod for any level of travel photographer. The days of shaky videos and crooked selfies are behind us!

Keep in mind that the combined weight of the tripod with the head is over six pounds. If you plan on walking or hiking long distances with it we would suggest looking into the Manfrotto Travel Befree Series.


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