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Minnetonka X Duluth Pack: Sheepskin Slippers and Suede Bag

The latest collection by Minnetonka is out and is perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. Minnetonka has teamed up with fellow Minnesota based company, Duluth Pack, to bring us the Minnetonka X Duluth Pack Collection.

The entire collection is based on the olive colors of Duluth Pack mixed with Minnetonka’s comfortable suede and handmade details. It is more than just shoes, with a matching bag and purse to round out your outfit nicely.

Warm and Fuzzy Moccasins

The moccasins are lined with genuine sheepskin, which keep your feet warm in the cooler months while walking on clouds. Not only are your feet kept nice and cozy, but the material wicks away moisture keeping them dry as well.

Most importantly for frequent travellers, there is a sturdy sole so you can keep the shoes on all day and night no matter where the adventure takes you.

The men’s slippers feature a brown accent with whip stitch detail along the back, Steven’s favorite part of the design.

The women’s slippers are all one color and focus more on the frayed edge design. This allows the moccasins to subtly blend in with the rest of the outfit while still showing some personality.

Stylish Handcrafted Bags

This time it is more than the comfortable shoes, there are matching handcrafted bags as well! Bring together your whole look with the complete set. The coolest part has to be the Minnetonka X Duluth Pack Leather Patch to round off this beautiful collaboration.

The Scout Pack with Suede Flap is perfect for everyone. Its convenient size means there is room for all the essentials without having to worry about getting weighed down. There is also plenty of room for a laptop if need.

Jazmin loves the Small Shell Bag With Fringe as it keeps everything she needs for our travels close at hand. The fringes also give it a unique style and sense of personality.

We have previously reviewed the Minnetonka and love their traditional moccasins as well. Make sure to check out all the options to find the perfect pair for every season.

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