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Mon Purse review: The perfect bag for you!

There might be many brands offering customized leather items but Mon Purse is by far my favorite. It is a high end purse that can be customized to your taste, at a fair price. Mon Purse uses the same quality material and craftsmanship as other luxurious labels with the difference being that you get to be the designer.

The days where you had to compromise and just get the purse that kind of looks like what you want are way over. Now with Mon Purse you can get exactly what you want and need in a purse. All of their luxurious purses are made with high quality European leather.

Mon Purse allows you to customize your purse to suit your personal style or choose one of the many pre-made bags.

If you choose to built your own purse, it is pretty simple to design your bag. You start by choosing the shape of your purse. It can be a bucket, pouch or tote. The next step is to choose the leather texture and color.

The third step is to choose the suede lining color. Once you know the colors of the interior and exterior of your purse you can choose the type of metal detail. Your last step is to pick the monogram for your purse.

I choose the Pink Spring Floral Bucket Bag as it is perfect for travel. It is easy to combine with clothing to help add some life to all my photos. Even though it it small it has enough room my camera gear and make up.

Who should buy this type of purse? Any women who knows what she wants and wants to be unique. The type of women that loves her fashion and hates to compromise it for what is being sold by other companies.

The delivery of your Mon Purse masterpiece can take between 4 to 6 weeks. I was so excited when I received my Mon Purse that I start jumping around my house when it finally arrived. It also includes a protective cloth bag to protect the leather when the purse is not being used.

I also got a leather passport holder, which is a great addition to my travel gear. It makes me feel so fancy and inspires me to use my passport more and more. I cannot wait to head on to the our next destination with my fancy Mon Purse bag by my side.

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