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Netherlands Travel Guide

  • A Complete Guide to Amsterdam’s Jewish Cultural Quarter + Anna Frank House
    Amsterdam for the last 370 years has been the home for the majority of the Dutch Jewish community. During the Holocaust 80% of the 80,000 Jews that lived in Amsterdam were killed in concentration camps. Non-Jews fought hard to save the Jews, their neighbors, friends and family, but unfortunately the Nazi party had more fire … Read more
  • The Best Things To Do in Rotterdam in One Day
    Rotterdam is one of a kind city in Europe, as it was completely destroyed in World War II and has since been rebuilt with primarily modern architecture. It is a vibrant, bold and modern city right on the water. In fact, Rotterdam has the largest seaport in Europe. Rotterdam is a beautiful city but Rotterdam’s … Read more
  • Quick Guide Of The Top Things To Do In Amsterdam In One Day
    In this guide we include the the top places to visit and things to do in Amsterdam in one day. Amsterdam is a big city with so many things to do, delicious food to try and museums to visit, so more likely you will need more than one day in Amsterdam to fully explore this … Read more