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Planning A Family Vacation On A Budget

2020 was a hard year for many people financially. Maybe you lost your job or small business because of the pandemic and you are still recovering from it in 2021. However, everyone needs a wonderful vacation to get a mental reset and spend time with family. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to go to Paris or Hawaii to have a good time. 

There are many budget-friendly options for you and your family to get out of town. Especially with many travel businesses still recovering from the pandemic, there are great deals out there that don’t have to put you in debt. We’re here to suggest some fun, family-friendly ideas for an upcoming vacation along with how to budget! 

Family-Friendly Ideas 

It can be hard to brainstorm ideas for everyone in your family to enjoy! Follow along for some ideas that might spark your interest. 


Yes, of course, we had to start with camping. It is indeed the most affordable option for a family getaway. Understandably, not everyone wants to sleep on an air mattress in a tent or wake up when the sun rises. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are now “glamping” options out there that feature a luxury tent or cabin space in the same location as typical camping sites. 

So, you get the best of both worlds by experiencing nature, but not dealing with the headache of setting up a tent or sleeping on the floor. Additionally, you can look into RV rentals, which typically doesn’t add up to that much more if you book it in advance. If you’re open to traditional camping, you’d be surprised how content you’ll be once you have everything set up. 

Although it’s a lot of work in the beginning, you’ll have space for the children to run around and experience roasting smores or living without their iPad or other technology. Best of all, you’ll only need to purchase the campsite and some food and you’re pretty much set! 

Amusement Park 

What kid doesn’t love the idea of an amusement park? Whether it’s the waterpark, Disneyland, or the zoo, they’re all loads of fun. Not only that, but there are often deals for families or saving packages to go. Especially after 2020, many amusement parks are trying to get back on their feet again so they offer more deals. 

If you plan ahead of time you can also find hotel stays that are not too expensive. If you choose to go to Disneyland, you can stay a little bit further from the park and get a better deal. The shuttle services many hotels that are in the area for you to go to the park. This is a great family trip for your kids before they become too old! 

Road Trip

A road trip is a great idea if your children are old enough to enjoy it. You can embark on a road trip to visit National Parks or stop at fun monuments. Along the way you can plan your hotel stays or destinations to budget exactly how you need. Some great destinations for a road trip include Yosemite National Park, New York, Washington D.C., or even the famous beaches of California.

Budgeting For The Trip

Although you can try your hardest to save money for your vacation, it can still be difficult to budget correctly. 

Plan Ahead Of Time 

Giving yourself enough time to actually save money is the secret many people are missing. It’s best to plan a trip 6 months or more ahead of time. With more time, you can set aside a certain amount of money each month toward your trip. It’s almost like your very own payment plan! You should also ensure you have a debit or credit card that is active before you go. If you need to visit a bank and create a free checking account, do it with enough time!

Do Your Research 

By doing your research you are bound to find the best deals. Often, hotels and accommodations have bundles or savings at certain times of the year. This is often when they are at the lowest point in their selling season. By researching, calling, and taking a proactive approach to planning you are best to be financially prepared for your family vacation!

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