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Prepping for the perfect summer brows at Waxing The City Boston

Thank you Waxing The City for sponsoring this post. Unwanted hair is part of life…and so is getting rid of it. From brows – to backscaping – to bare it all Brazilians –we’ve seen it all. With 100 locations open –you’ll be sure to find a Waxing The City studio near you. First time customers get 50% off their first service!

I have been waxing and threading my eyebrows since I turned 13 years old. Since then I have been in dozens of countries and too many hair salons. Getting my eyebrows done has always been something quick and ordinary to me. It was not until my visit to Waxing The City in Boston I actually had a really amazing experience waxing my eyebrows. First time guests can receive 50% off their service. Visit to schedule your service.

I have to visit the salon at least two times a month, as my eyebrows grow like crazy. I always prefer to get done my eyebrows at home so I can focus on traveling and not wasting valuable hours looking for a good place to get my eyebrows done in our next destination. During my appointment I also found out that when waxing is done consistently, hair grows back slower, finer, and sparser, giving you better long-term results!

My experience at Waxing The City in Boston

Waxing the City is a franchise based company with locations around the United States. Each salon is privately own so even though it is a big brand you still get the feeling of a locally owned shop. You also get the plus that no matter where you go every Waxing the City has the same high standards, so regardless of if you have to go at home or on the road, you will always feel welcome.

I had my appointment at my local Waxing the City location in Boston. Located in downtown Boston, it is easily accessible by car and they will partially validate your parking. If you choose to take public transportation, the T it is around the corner of the green and orange line.

When I got inside I could feel like I was in a locally owned business as the owner was out at the front desk welcoming the clients. She handed me the new-client paperwork and was there to help answer any questions I might have. The location itself is stunning. It is clean, chic and you can look at the displayed products during a short wait for the appointment.

My cerologist, the official name for the wax expert, Marianna is actually the local owner. I got to ask her many questions about her business and why she choose to open a franchise. One of the things that caught my attention was the wax, it is completely different than anything I have ever had before. So, I asked her about it and she explained me that the wax is actually made especially for Waxing in the City and for sensitive skin. It is by far the best wax I have ever used, it did not hurt or leave my face red. I normally have a hard time getting waxed or threaded because I have allergies on my eyes, but this time it was different.

While I was getting my eyebrows waxed she hand me a mirror so I could see the entire progress. What surprised me was the amount of detail and thought that was taking place. First the cerologist asked me about my brow goals and explained how the normal procedure starts. I told her that I wanted to clean up and trim my brows for the perfect summertime photos.

She first cleaned my brows area with some cleanser and then she started painting the brows so I can get a better idea on how I was going to look. After that she started waxing and tweezing my extra hairs out. When they tweeze your extra hair they actually use a zoom lens to not miss any hair. Once you are ready to go they offer you a cooling oil that will help the little redness on your skin to go away, which I did not need for the first time ever.

The price for eyebrow waxing is $22, which is a little bit more than other places I have visited. But, after experiencing the quality service at Waxing the City, I do not think I could go any where else and neither should you. Keep in mind that you are getting a real waxing experience with professionals that care about you and that will leave your eyebrows perfect! As specialists, I also left the building with several brow products to keep my brows beautiful in between appointments.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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