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Product Review: Manta Sleep Eye Mask

As a frequent traveler you learn pretty quick the value of being able to catch nap or full night sleep, wherever the adventure takes you, especially on a red eye flight or overnight bus ride. Having a high quality comfortable sleep mask is an important part of your travel gear essentials. Being well rested and relaxed when arriving to a new destination will make sure you can get the most out of your trip without raising your stress level. and comfortable sleeping mask.

We were impressed with the functional and modular design of the Manta Sleep Mask The adjustable design allows for complete black out no matter your head shape or size, which has been an issue for us with other sleep masks. At the same time, with its real nose cut out, there is no additional pressure on your sinuses to interfere with your rest.

The cotton velour of the interior of the sleep mask sits comfortably on your eyes and the rest of your face. Our favorite feature of the mask is the memory foam eye contours with holes in the center, giving your eyelashes enough room to blink comfortably. We honestly have never found a sleeping mask worth traveling with until we tried the Manta Sleep Mask. It is so comfortable and cozy, removing the pain points of the traditional sleep mask.

The head strap on the other hand is made of polyester making it easier to care for and clean, which you can do in your washing machine as it comes with a little mesh storage pouch that serves laundry net. When washing your mask always make sure it is in the pouch to protects the memory foam from getting stretched and deformed.

The head straps as well as the eyepieces are adjustable making it the perfect fit any head size and face shape. The head strap also has an anti slip-strip to help the mask stay on your head no matter how you sleep.

The most important aspect of any item that makes it into our travel essentials is its size and durability. The Manta Sleep Mask provides all these customizable comforts in a product that is small enough to fit in your carryon or easily in your pocket. The high quality construction of the sleep mask is backed up with a six month product guarantee with free replacements for defects. This is wonderful news to frequent travelers like ourselves who have had other sleep masks fall apart in just one trip, if not during the first flight!

We recommend Manta Sleep for more than just the frequent traveler. It is also great for a nap on public transportation or regular car passengers. It is also a great alternative to black out curtains in the bedroom for the times of the year with an early sunrise. Once you try the sleep mask you will find yourself wanting to use it for every sleeping occasion.

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