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Day Trips from Dubai: 4 Ideas to Add to Your Dubai Itinerary

The weather and the scorching temperatures may be a bit harsh for non-residents of Dubai or for first-time visitors, and a lot of tourists and guests like to indulge in a day trip to explore and cool off their heels. A Dubai day trip is a refreshing journey and the perfect way to revitalize your moods and energy. Do not wait more and book Etihad Airways for your next vacation today!

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We have prepared a list of day trips which you can shortlist to enjoy a wonderful holiday across the Emirates. Many of the places in the Emirates are accessible via public transport making it very convenient for all passengers. So what you are still waiting for, pack your bags and get set to go.

4 Best Day Trips from Dubai

1. Hatta Heritage Village

Venture into the traditional mountain life by passing through the beautiful desert safari on your day trip to the Hatta Heritage Village. The village is best accessible on a 4×4 rough terrain vehicle or an SUV. The air-conditioned vehicle drive is comfortable while passing through the serene desert landscapes, rolling dunes and the rugged Hajar Mountains which is located on the UAE-Oman border. The village is situated in the heart of the Hatta mountain ranges and is approximately located at a distance of 100 kilometers from the Dubai city.

Hatta Heritage Village Dubai

The Hatta village which was restored back in the year 2001 consists of houses made of mud and stone and the craft displays showcase the lifestyle of the living population centuries ago. The guests and tourists can view a great collection of original prototypes, documents, sculptures, audio & graphic materials, traditional weapons including the rifles, daggers, swords, cannons, and guns along with several household materials like furnishings, copper and leather pots, traditional clothing, food, jewelry and ornaments, musical instruments and much more. There are around 30 shops that sell ancient heritage collections, a perfect place to gather and add to your souvenir collection.

The neighboring farms and the fresh water canal is surely going to catch your attention. After a scrumptious meal, head to the striking rock formations of Jebel Maleihah, Camel rock and the Fossil Rock which are embedded in the 16th-century old marine fossils on your way back to Dubai. This Dubai day trip is surely going to revitalize your senses as you admire the contrasting scenery in comparison to the busy and modern city. The Hatta village has a history which is 2000-3000 years old. Many tour operators offer pick and drop off services from central Dubai.

2. Ferrari Day Trip

The Ferrari World is located on the way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. You can enjoy the spills and thrills of the Ferrari theme park. Termed as the world’s biggest indoor theme park with 20 rides and adventure for all age groups. The Ferrari World was created as a tribute to the passion, excellence, innovation, heritage and performance for the Ferrari. And every part of the Ferrari world brings to life a different story. It includes several fun rides and entertainment centers for leisure.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

You can even get your hands on the hair-raising white-knuckle Formula Rossa coaster; the fastest coaster on the globe and the main attraction of the Ferrari world. Challenge your driving skills on the advanced Scuderia Challenge race simulator. The rides are specifically designed to thrill and the world-class roller coasters intensify the G-force. Feel the adrenaline rush and the G-force as you rocket at speeds of almost 150mph and travel at a height of almost 170 feet. You can even go-karting on the track and take a virtual journey through the factory.

There is a host of family-friendly rides and many kid attractions like the car-themed play camps. The entrance fee is included in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi day trip. If you are traveling with your family, you need not worry as you can keep your younger ones captivated and busy with the fun rides and world-class experiences specifically designed for young ones and families. There are several operators who arrange round-trip coach travel from Dubai. If you are tired in between your journey, refuel and refresh yourself by grabbing a quick bite through the open cafes, restaurants, and stores. A Dubai day trip to the Ferrari world is a perfect way to get on the wheels and unwind away from the buzzing life of the modern city of Dubai.

3. Abu Dhabi Seaplane Flight from Dubai

This 6-hour seaplane journey offers a lifetime experience of flying from Dubai to Abu-Dhabi in a shared Cessna seaplane driven by an experienced pilot gives you a mesmerizing view of the Dubai skyline and Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island. Get panoramic views of the major landmarks of Dubai like the mighty Burj Khalifa, the spectacular Yas Viceroy hotel, the beautiful World Islands, F1 Grand Prix circuit and the Ferrari World located on Yas Island.

Abu Dhabi Seaplane Flight

You don’t often get to see the sparkling Arab coastline at this height and this 45 minutes journey is definitely going to give you several priceless moments to cherish. See the beautiful city of Dubai like never before. The luxurious window seats, five-star services, and the exclusive experience of taking off and landing on water is surely something you would have never experienced before. Immerse in the historical monuments of Dubai as you feel the flight of a bird as you get some of the most stunning views as you soar in the Dubai skyline over these iconic wonders.

The Seaplane lands on the water and after enjoying a sumptuous lunch enjoy the rides and other attractions at the Ferrari World before finally returning to Dubai. There are plenty of fun rides and other attractions to indulge in for all age groups. There are several tour operators which offer seaplane packages which include free access to the Ferrari World along with transfers back to Dubai.

4. Musandam Khasab Day Trip and Dhow Cruise from Dubai

Move beyond the architectural marvels and the busy life of the Dubai city and enter the idyllic Musandam Peninsula. This full-day cruise trip gives you stunning views of the mountain and coastal regions as you move past the Oman border entering Khasab near the northern coast of Musandam, which is often referred as the Norway of Arabia. This is a beautiful and magical fusion of the red rocky Hajar Mountains falling into the blue marine Arabian waters. The only mode accessible to this amazing location is through the Omani dhow boats.

Musandam Khasab Day Trip

The Dhow sailboat cruise gives you an amazing experience as you drift past the rock peaks on the Persian Gulf coastline through the greenish blue waters. You are sure to come across several dolphins, whales, and basking sharks as you soak into the golden beaches and mountains through your journey. You can even stop over at the Telegraph Island and satisfy your thirst for swimming and snorkeling. Set an onboard buffet lunch with complimentary unlimited sodas as you enjoy the scenic beauty of nature all around. The calm turquoise color waters look beautiful to the contrasting creamy white limestone rocky peaks.

This 6-hour Dubai day trip is a wonderful way to unwind yourself from the busy lives in the city, something which is rarely experienced by working individuals. Relax and sit back on the traditionally decorated wooden boats by your eyes capture striking landscapes and you revitalize your senses through this pleasurable trip in water. Some operators even offer packages with Dhow dinner cruise in Dubai.

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Article was written and photos provided by contributor Neha Singh.

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Monday 12th of September 2016

These are some relatively off beat experiences in Dubai. For me I would love the Ferrari tour and the seaplane tour. I am sure that these would offer a different perspective of Dubai.


Sunday 11th of September 2016

No doubt that Dubai has been eyed by many travelers. I would love to experience the Abu Dhabi Seaplane Flight from Dubai too.

Adam, Bite of Iceland

Sunday 11th of September 2016

For me, the seaplane journey sounds fantastic! To see all these fantastic buildings from high above must be jaw-dropping. When I finally get to Dubai, I'd love to do it.


Friday 9th of September 2016

I would love to go to Dubai some day! I will have to bookmark these ideas for day trips. The seaplane sounds amazing!

Kimberly Erin

Thursday 8th of September 2016

Going to Dubai I know would be a trip of absolute luxury...and I would be lucky to experience it. But I also believe there is so much more to it in the glitter of media today.