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Samuel Hubbard Quality Walking Shoes Review

Samuel Hubbard Quality Walking Shoes

For Travel To Blank our main travel tool is our feet. Walking many miles every day during our travels, we rely on getting the right shoes. When looking for high quality walking shoes, we found many companies but there was one that caught our eyes, Samuel Hubbard.

Sitting on the car wearing his Rust Nubuck Hubbard Free

Their shoes are designed in California, USA but they are handcrafted in Portugal. Hubbard Shoes uses high quality materials such as the finest European leather and they always strive to perfect every detail.

Samuel Hubbard Shoes in the snow

Their shoes have the three qualities key for any traveler. Not only are they high quality leather shoes, they are also lightweight and stylish. It allows you to be comfortable and stylish without adding excessive weight to your luggage.

Comfortable shoes for the snow

European Handcrafted Shoes

As soon as they arrived at our doorstep, we were so excited to try our on new Samuel Hubbard shoes. From the moment Jazmin slipped her feet into the handcrafted leather shoes, she could not imagine taking them off. She loves how comfortable the shoes are and how much taller they make her look.

Black shoes on tree and snow

Jazmin’s first pair of Hubbards were the Black Suede Women’s 24 Seven boots. The sporty chukka boot design is perfect for every outfit. Great for walking through the woods or spending a night out on the town. Being black, the shoes match any color outfit.

Winter shoes on tree branch

Steven got the Rust Nubuck Hubbard Free. These are designed for an active lifestyle, with the comfort of athletic shoes and the style of classic leather shoes. The dark red color provides an amazing accent with any clothing and in any environment.

Sitting on a tree enjoying winter

The style we got are all around shoes for traveling and walking. However they also offer specific specialty designs such as snow boots and work shoes.

Cobble stone street comfortable shoes

The silky leather insert have an amazing and study arch support your feet need for hours of walking. It is not required, but we suggest wearing the shoes a couple days prior to your trip, so the memory foam insert has the opportunity to form around your foot.

Samuel Hubbard Shopping Experience

Jumping shot on Guayaquil with Samuel Hubbard Shoes

Hubbard Shoes take the online shopping experience to the next level. It gives you all you need to feel comfortable to buying shoes online. There are photos of the product of every single angle and how the shoes look when someone is wearing them in different situations and outfits.

If you are like Steven and like to read reviews before buying a product, this site has endless customer reviews including how the size fits. When the shoes arrive and it turns out you need a different style or size, they even cover return shipping!

Samuel Hubbard Shoes on cobble streets

The shoes range from $200 to $375. For someone on a budget Hubbard Shoes might seem a little bit of the range, but it is important to keep in mind that they are an investment into your health while traveling.

Your feet are one of the most important part of your body and need proper support to keep your entire body in good health. This is especially key when walking extensively during your travels.

USA Designed Shoes With a Lifetime Quality

Girl sitting on the street wearing hat and shoes

The coolest thing about the Samuel Hubbard shoes is that you can easily get a Vibram sole replacement. Jaz normally has to get rid of shoes because the sole cannot keep up with our walking habits even though the shoes still look good.

Shoes in the snow for winter

With Hubbard shoes it will not be an issue again because while the leather remains in top shape the sole can be easily changed making your shoe like new again. You will also have the option to change the sole color regardless of the original color you might had.

We could not be more excited to take our shoes around the world on our adventures, providing our feet with their own little spas while we walk.


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Ali Rost

Thursday 2nd of March 2017

These look so soft and comfy! And the red .. it's amazing!


Wednesday 1st of March 2017

I love those blue laces! So sharp!

Frelisa Walker

Wednesday 1st of March 2017

Great Investment.