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Scuba Diving off Mykonos, Greece

The beautiful Greek island of Mykonos has a great variety of attractions for all its visitors. When visiting the Greek islands you need to enjoy the abundant marine life. The best way to do this is by scuba diving.

We drove to GoDive Mykonos at Lia Beach, the Southwest side of the island. We rented a car for the day as it came out to the same price as a taxi, as there are no buses to this part if of the island. If you do not have a means of transportation, GoDive provides a car from the city for €10 per person roundtrip.

Lia Beach is a nice beach with clear blue waters the only downside is the stonish sand. There are relatively few swimmers due to the distance from the city. If you are there at peak season you can also go around the bend on the left for an even more secluded area.

Lia Beach Mykonos

GoDive Mykonos has several diving options ranging from your first dive to more experienced, as well as snorkels for those who want to stick above water. Each dive comes with amazing under photos sent to your email.

We did the Discover SCUBA Diving course. This course starts from beach itself as a fun experience to give diving a chance and swimming under water. The two hour costs €70 including all equipment and a introductory equipment and theory course.

As an intro course it is perfect because the dive starts from the beach, giving you time to slowly enter the water and become accustomed to breathing underwater. Throughout the dive you stay close enough to see the surface, helping orient you in the water and giving some added comfort.

GoDive Mykonos Greece

You also get distracted by so many beautiful and colorful fish along a vast rocky underwater landscape. The instructor is always aware if you ever feel uncomfortable or face any problems underwater, so there is no need to worry. He makes sure you do not miss any single exciting view along the dive.

GoDive Mykonos Greece

The best part about this course is they set up the dive based on your schedule, if you have a late arrival or are leaving early from Mykonos, they will time the dive for you.

At 9:30 in the morning there is a Discover SCUBA Diving I + II course which allows you to go on a slightly deeper boat dive as well.

If you are a certified diver there are many more options to dive!

In the morning there are a handful of different dives that you can chose from. They each have different highlights and all have an endless supply of broken ancient artifacts.

Anna II Boat Wreck

Anna II boat Wreck: GoDive Mykonos Greece

The Anna II is a massive 60 meter boat wreck that sank in 1995. The ship is still in great shape underwater, and there is even the option to enter the wreck for a little.

Kalafakiona Reef

The stunning Kalafakiona Reef is located close enough to the surface for every comfort level. Along the large reef you encounter hundreds of small fish, including the Mediterranean Barracuda.

Tragosini Caves

Caves GoDive Mykonos Greece

The Tragosini Caves are located at the nearby Tragonisi island. This dive is perfect for those who want to experience underwater caves, but to not have the full experience to enter more complex cave systems. The entrance to the cave is always in sight, so have no fear!

Agia Anna

Agia Anna is a calm wall dive, going down a 20 meter wall. All along the dive you get to see an extensive amount of marine life including octopus, moray eels, sea stars, sea urchins and massive sponges.

Before or after your dive, you can relax on the sunny beach or grab a bite to eat at the small classy, yet expensive cafe. Although, it is honestly better to wait to get back to the city for better prices and better food.

GoDive Mykonos Greece

GoDive Mykonos is open daily from May 1st to mid-October, when the weather and water get too cold to dive.

The best way to set up a dive with GoDive is to contact them before you arrive on the island to get the best times and the most number of dive options.

Here is a quick video of our amazing experience underwater. Hope you enjoy it!

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Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

It was a pleasure also diving with you. I wish you all the best on your future and upcoming plans. Our beautiful beach will be always here waiting for you. Greetings from sunny Mykonos


Saturday 18th of June 2016

I have never tried scuba diving - always been a bit scared (I even nearly drowned in my goggles during my first snorkelling adventure) but the pics look lovely. Maybe I should reconsider.