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See the Giant Dolphin Sculpture at Dolphin Beach in Data de Posorja, Ecuador.

Playa Delfín is one of the most interesting beaches in the province of Guayas. In it there is a concrete and metal monument in the shape of a dolphin. This monument was made by the community members themselves to promote local tourism. On the upper part of the beach there are also restaurants, bathrooms, and souvenir shops. It is called Dolphin beach because if you are lucky in the morning you will be able to see dolphins and birds in the water.

The dolphin statue is 70 meters long and 22 meters high and can be photographed from various angles. You can get on the dolphin and its fins, but the truth is that I do not recommend it.

Where is Playa Delfin located?

Playa Delfín is located in the province of Guayas on the Data de Posorja road, just 16 km from Cantón Playas. Only a two hour drive away from Guayaquil makes it the perfect day trip. In fact, this beach is technically part of Guayaquil, even though it is quite a distance away.

The best accommodations in Playa Delfin?

If you want to stay in Data de Posorja there are two hostels that are close to the beach. Prices range from $10 to $15 USD per person. One of the hostels is in a two-story house. It has 5 rooms and a terrace overlooking Playa Delfín.

If you prefer something more private, you can drive 20 minutes to Playas de Villamil, where you will find accommodations of all types and budgets.

What is there to do in Playa Delfin?

In addition to enjoying the sea, the beach and the magnificent dolphin monument, you can also visit Puná Island with an advance reservation. The journey to the island is between 50 to 60 minutes by motor boat. The cost varies depending on the number of people.

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