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Sleeping at -4°C in the Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway

The Kirkenes Snowhotel features many activities including a king crab safari, husky sled ride and chasing the northern lights. However, this fantastic hotel is most well known for its hotel built every winter, completely out of snow. Each winter, they spend a few weeks creating this unique accommodation which lasts through the spring.

Travel video of Kirkenes

The Snowhotel also has many activities to enjoy including a husky safari and chasing the northern lights. You can read our complete review of the Snowhotel, but here are 10 photos to inspire you to visit the Snowhotel in Kirkenes, Norway.

No matter the outside temperature in northern Norway, the interior of the snow hotel remains at a cool -4°C. That might sound cold, but it is actually a warm experience when properly using all the provided gear.

Ice Castle Bar

Walking through the main doors of the Snowhotel, you are met with a castle looking structure built out ice, which is actually a bar in the evening. Have a drink out of an ice shot glass, and then they recommend smashing the cup on the table when you are done. All the tables and chairs in the room are built out of ice as well!

Unique Snow Room

The snow hotel features 20 different rooms, each with there own theme related to Arctic culture or nature. Some of our favorite rooms included a boat, chameleon and the hotel owner’s favorite, Marilyn Monroe.

Each room has a bed built out of ice blocks with a mattress pad on top. They also provide a high quality mummy sleeping bag, rated down to -30°C and a sleeping bag liner. Being all bundled up, we actually found ourselves a bit warm over night!

Our room’s theme was an igloo, so the walls were carved to look like they were blocks of ice in the traditional igloo look. There is also a curtain over the doorway for privacy.

You are not allowed to bring any of your luggage into the room, as it can freeze or end up sticking to the ice itself. There is a luggage room accessible at the end of the Snowhotel, in the permanent Høyloftet building. This is also where the bathroom and showers are located.

Warm and Cozy Lounge

If the cold is too much for you, in the Høyloftet, there is a lounge for guests of the Snowhotel. Here they have plenty of sheep skin-clad chairs, tea, cookies, warm air, and WiFi! It is the perfect place to hang out before going to bed and chatting with the other guests.

In the morning they also offer a sauna, which is a great way to warm up and wake up before you enjoy the breakfast buffet.

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Sleeping at -4°C in the Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway

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