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SunJack 15W Solar Charger and LightStick Powerbank Review


Ever been on a long day of sightseeing or exploring in the wilderness and had one of your electronics run out of juice? Well, we have plenty of times! We use our phone as a camera, GPS and note taker, potentially draining it by lunch time.

Thanks to our SunJack 14W Solar Charger and LightStick Powerbank these days are behind us. All we need is the sun to rise again each morning to recharge our phones and batteries. We even have a USB powered charger for our camera batteries.


SunJack 14W Solar Charger

The SunJack 14W Solar Charger is one of the most helpful travel gadget we own. There is never a trip where we could not take advantage of having this.

The solar charger provides an ample power supply even under not the best conditions, although a bright sun is obviously the best. We found the most important thing is to angle it towards the sun to get the strongest results.

They thought of every possible use for the solar charger and it comes ready to go. It comes with two carabiner clips and hooks on all sides of the solar panels, so it can easily be hung in any orientation including on a backpack or hung from a tree.


The coolest thing is the solar charger also comes with 8000mAh battery, so you are set for overnight or cloudy day charging. Keep the battery charging at your campsite or in the car when you are on the go.

There is no need to worry about space either. The solar charger easily folds up into approximately the size of a book. It has a zipper pouch to hold the battery and cord, with plenty of space for your own cords.

LightStick Powerbank


If you love camping or road trips, the LightStick Powerbank will surely come in handy. It has three different brightness settings, perfect for all uses. Our favorite part about it is that it also serves as battery pack for those who are heavy electronics users.

It is also waterproof up to 6ft, which means you do not have to worry about camping on a rainy day. There is a hook on one end to easily allow it to be hung from a tree or inside a tent.

Even if you do not go camping, the LightStick is a great addition to your home or car emergency kit. It can even be useful during a regular city visit as not all cities have adequate street lights.


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