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Take the Stress Out of Last-Minute Travel With These Tips

There are circumstances that could require an individual to have to hit the road or catch a flight at the very last minute. As stressful as planning a traditional vacation can be, one could only imagine the amount of pressure one must be under to get somewhere – and fast. Whether it be a family emergency, work-related incident, or some other personal matter that calls for you to plan a trip last-minute, these tips are sure to take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

Keep Packing Simple

Most people would agree that the worst part of going on a trip is packing. Trying to remember and fit everything you need into a  backpack or suitcase is an utter nightmare. When time is of the essence, however, it makes the stress even worse. To keep your nerves calm, it is best to keep the packing simple.

Try to use the one-bag method to save money on your flight. Start by making sure you have essentials like your credit cards, driver’s license, and passport. Then pack a few neutral tops and bottoms that can mix-and-match to make different outfits while you are gone. Pack at least two pairs of shoes (one for casual wear and one for professional or more formal attire). Then, grab a small cosmetic bag and place all your cosmetics, skincare products, and toiletries in it. Lastly, make sure you have all the chargers and adapters for your tech devices.

Keep All Confirmation Info Handy

Though modern technology has made things like making reservations faster, you simply never know what could go wrong when you are planning to travel last-minute. To avoid the confusion it is best to make sure that you have all your confirmation information with you. Print out confirmations for hotel reservations or car rentals or emails you’ve received from the service provider. This way, if your information cannot be found in the system you have confirmation that you reserved and/or paid for the product or service.

Try to Travel Mid-Week

Try to Travel Mid-Week

Even when it comes to last-minute travel, timing is everything. Taking a flight on the weekend could cost you several hundred more than if you wait until mid-week. The same is true for hotel accommodations and car rentals. As long as you are not dealing with an immediate emergency, try to look for availabilities between Tuesday and Thursday.

Look for Package Deals

Trying to reserve your flight, hotel, and car rental separately at the last-minute can be time-consuming and expensive. Save yourself the hassle by using travel deal sites to find packages for the services you need within a price range that you can afford. Believe it or not, a lot of sites advertise huge discounts for last-minute travel. Compare a few different packages to see exactly how much you can save on travel.

Secure Things At Home

When you have to get out of town on the fly you can stress yourself out further by thinking about what you have left unfinished at home. Whether you have 24 hours until your trip or a few days,  you can take some steps to secure things at home. Contact a relative to watch your children if necessary, notify neighbors you’re leaving so they can keep an eye on the house, create an out of office notification on your email account so your clients are aware of when you will return, and try to tidy up the place so you do not return to a mess that will have you more stressed than when you left.

Traveling is not always something that is planned well in advance. You never know when something might arise that requires you to be in the car or on a plane in just a few days. When this happens, it is important to take a few deep breaths and use the above-mentioned tips to organize a last-minute trip without the stress.

You Can Borrow the Money

You Can Borrow the Money

When something just pops up on you last-minute you may not have the means to just get up and go. If that is the case for you, know there are options that can get you the money you need upfront within a few days. Instead of going with a traditional bank loan, credit unions are now offering quick loans San Diego and other participating cities for residents and members. With no credit check and few eligibility requirements, you could have up to $1,000 in your checking account within a few days. These loans also provide you with up to 6 months to repay the balance in full so you do not have to be stressed about finances during your travels.

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