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The 20 Ultimate Photos To Inspire You To Hike Havasu Falls

The Havasupai Tribal Council has announced Havasu Falls will reopen starting February 1, 2023 for current permit holders. This is for permit holders originally from the 2020 season that have held on to their permits or purchased permits from the official transfer list. Due to the cancellation of the 2022 tourist season, reservations will be rescheduled for the same date in 2023, no new permits will be sold. This applies to Campground, Lodge, and Pack Mule reservations. If you are looking for a ticket to Havasu Falls, regularly check the transfer list at Nestled deep into the Grand Canyon is one of the most remote Native American villages in country. Supai is only accessible by a 10 mile walk or by helicopter. However visitors from around the world flock to this spot for one reason, Havasu, or Havasupai Falls. Havasu Falls along with several similar waterfalls in the area inspire visitors with the clear blue waters and shallow swimming pools. After seeing these pictures we know you will be planning your trip to Supai to enjoy Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls and many more beautiful spots.

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The 20 ultimate photos to inspire you to hike Havasu Falls The 20 ultimate photos to inspire you to hike Havasu Falls

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