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The 9 Best Things To Do In Zamora, Ecuador In One Day

Zamora is the capital of the province of Zamora Chinchipe located in the extreme southeast of the country in the Amazon region. Zamora is known for being one of the two doors to the Podocarpus National Park, for the great probability of bird watching and for its natural beauty such as its waterfalls. The climate in Zamora is tropical, with cloudy but hot days. The best time of year to visit the Zamora is from the months of May to September.

9 Tourist Places to Visit in Zamora Chinchipe:

Parque Central

In Central Park you will find a beautiful fountain, several gardens and the Cathedral of Zamora, with its imposing red color. Here you can also find the San Francisco Technical Institute and the Illustrious Municipality of the Zamora canton.

Shuar Ethnic Monument

It is a monument in honor of the Shuar culture of eastern Ecuador. Located in the ring that leads to the bridge over the Zamora river. In the monument there is a couple dressed in the typical costumes.

Linear Park in Zamora Chinchipe

From the linear park you can enjoy the landscape of the city and the river. There is a very nice viewpoint, shops and games for children. It is ideal for a walk on a relaxing afternoon.

Zumba Museum

A dream museum by Noé Bermeo. The pieces in the museum date back thousands of years to the Bracamoros culture. Here you can find stone instruments, jungle animal bones, ancient coins and various fossil formations.

Museo del Colegio de Bachillerato Ciudad de Loyola

Created in 2006, it is a literary and anthropological museum that contains various archaeological pieces, artifacts, and vestiges from pre-colonial and current times.

The Giant Clock of Zamora

The Giant Clock of Zamora is an icon of the city. The main control of the watch is electric with the minute hand stretching 15 meters long. The perimeter that surrounds the Clock has been adorned with ornamental plants and illuminated with various colors. This important work was built in 2004 and with local engineering professionals participating in its construction.

Tzanka ecological refuge

It is a refuge and shelter for both animal and plant species is located in the center of the city. Here you can learn more information about the great variety of flora and fauna in the sector; and the works that are being carried out for its preservation.

Swim in its waterfalls

You can visit the Salto de la Gata and La Risa waterfalls, which are located in the Catacocha neighborhood, you can also visit La Milagrosa Waterfall, La Yamala, Wedding Veil, Las Lianas, El Amor, El Pájaro and La Caverna.

Podocarpus National Park (Zamora)

The Podocarpus National Park is located between the province of Zamora Chinchipe (70%) and the province of Loja (30%). It has one of the largest number of plant and animal species in the entire world. Here you will hopefully see mountain tapirs, spectacled bears, hummingbirds, jaguars, among others. From the entrance of Zamora you can visit the La Poderosa Waterfall, the Higuerones trail and the Mirador trail.

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