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The After Hours Guided Beer Tour of Boston’s Best Breweries

There is no better way to get to know a destination than tasting local beer. Steven’s favorite thing to do when traveling to a new place is try beer from some local breweries. To get the full experience, it is best to visit each brewery itself.

Thanks to City Brew Tours, we were able to tour Boston breweries, in a small sized tour without having to worry about transportation! The Beer tour picks you up in downtown Boston and brings you out into the suburbs to visit some of the best local breweries.

We took the After Hours Boston Brew Tour, visiting a total of four different breweries and enjoyed a light dinner pairing.

Guided Beer Tour Lead by Homebrewer

The tour really began as soon as we hopped in the van in downtown Boston. On the drive to the first brewery the guide introduced himself, the beer tour itinerary and the basics of brewing and history of beer. The coolest part is that our guide is a home brewer, meaning not only did he know all the facts about beer making, but he puts them into practice in his free home.

We also got to know a little bit about the other family who we would be spending the evening with on the tour. There is so much to talk about beer, the ride to our first stop just flew by.

Private Boston Brewery Tours

At our first two stops, we took a private tour of the brewery. The tour was lead by our driving tour guide, which is great as information was not repeated at each stop.

The only downside of the After Hours Brew Tour is that the production lines are closed for the night, but that does mean you can get up close to the brewing equipment.

Lord Hobo Brewing Co

Our first stop of the evening was Lord Hobo Brewing Co. Taking a tour of the brewery. We saw towers of beer palates from floor to ceiling, quite the site for a beer lover. Our favorite beer had to be Steal This Can, based on its name alone!

Mystic Brewery

The next stop was the small Mystic Brewery. Our tour had a private table in the back in the brewing space, where we learned about their special brewing process with the machinery around us. Our favorite beer on the flight we tasted is the Saison style Three Cranes, with a tart cranberry aroma.

Chelsea Station

Just a few blocks down, we were greeted at Chelsea Station with a light dinner pairing a flight of beers. Each food item matched perfectly with the flavor of each beer, our favorite had to be the mac and cheese! After a filling meal it is on to the last brewery of the evening.

Down the Road Brewery

Our last stop was the Down the Road Brewery in Everett, here we found our own corner in the large taproom. While sipping on our last beer flight of the night, our  beer tour guide answered all our lingering questions about beer, brewing and Boston.

City Brew Tours Boston

Being only two groups in the brew tour, our guide offered to drop us off right at home, making for the perfect end to a fun, informative and delicious evening with City Brew Tours Boston. We look forward to visiting their other destination cities to enjoy a guided taste of the town!

Guided Beer Tour of Boston's Best Breweries

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Friday 29th of December 2017

We were in Boston in July and hit a lot of breweries. Lord Hobo was one of our favorites. I’ll have to add some of these others on our list for the next time we visit.


Wednesday 27th of December 2017

I may have to do this next time I visit my friend in Boston. I’ve already drunk enough local beer on my trips there.

Travel To Blank

Thursday 28th of December 2017

It is a fun way to take your friends to visit several breweries in one night without having to worry about who is driving!