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The Best Beaches for Volleyball Around the World

Volleyball may not be the first sport you think about when you think of serious or competitive sports. This has usually been regarded as a pastime, but that is slowly changing as the game evolves. Its popularity seems to be rising, making it more important to find the best beaches to practice volleyball.

1. Seven Miles

The Best Beaches for Volleyball Around the World

The Seven Mile Beach is located on Grand Cayman Island. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful and overwhelming beaches around the world. Part of what makes it special is because its beauty seems to be untouched, even though there are plenty of tourists around.

The beach’s sand is pure white, and it seems never-ending, which is part of its charm. We recommend bringing a Cobra Net Systems net set or a similarly all-parts-included set in case the nets and poles provided are damaged from tropical storms targeting the Caribbean this time of year. Lastly, be sure to take a dip in the pristine waters that surround the beach because you deserve this kind of luxury.

2. Canadian Backdrop

The Best Beaches for Volleyball Around the World

There are a few places around the world that make you feel lucky to be able to see how much beauty the world has to offer. Kitsilano Beach in Canada is one of these locations, and it truly is a wonder of the world. Not only does it give you a great view of the North Shore Mountains; it also provides beautiful sand as you play the sport.

It should also be pointed out that this beach also has a seawall path that helps give this beach a finishing touch that you will find unforgettable. The beach is near the University of British Columbia, so there are plenty of people to play volleyball with unless you are going there with a huge group of eager players. Do not forget to play at least one game during sunset or sunrise to add a touch of magic to your competition.

3. Thai Ball

The Best Beaches for Volleyball Around the World

The world is pretty big, and it gets even bigger for those who are looking for a wonderful place to play a little volleyball. One place you may want to pay a visit to is Karon Beach. This is a jewel of a beach that is located in Thailand.

It is not only a wonder of the world; it has actually been a hot spot for professional athletes for years because of its unique beauty. The temperature on the beach is ideal for the game, but you also get all the nuggets of excitement that surround the beach, like the Phi Phi islands that are nearby or Patong town, which is filled with the nightlife you may want to enjoy.

4. Cali Volley

The Best Beaches for Volleyball Around the World

If there is one iconic place to play a little bit of volleyball, it is California. There have been countless movies and TV spots of people playing this sport along the coast of the sunny state of California. Those itching for a little volleyball in the United States should consider heading to Manhattan Beach.

This little bit of sand in California is sometimes considered the capital of volleyball, so it is a must for all enthusiasts. Of course, there are a number of additional beaches to check out, like Hermosa and Redondo Beach since California’s coastline is quite large. The weather in California also makes this a pretty great place to play most of the year.

5. Brazilian Sand

The Best Beaches for Volleyball Around the World

Copacabana Beach is located in Rio De Janeiro, and it is one of the hottest beaches in the world. This is not necessarily due to Brazil’s heat, although there is a little bit of that, but rather its attractiveness for those who love the beach. The sands are unbelievable, and the waters give you something to wonder, making it a great play for volleyball.

Keep in mind that Rio de Janeiro just hosted the Olympics, so it is friendly to all sports lovers of the world. You are probably going to find a few volleyball players ready to give you a challenge, or perhaps you may find some people willing to learn. There is no telling what kind of ball you’ll end up playing, but it will be a wonderful backdrop.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions help you plan out your volleyball world tour just a little bit better.

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