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The Best Foods to Pack for a Hike

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Having traveled across the United States on road trips lasting up to six months over the years, we have pretty clear idea what essential foods to pack for your next hiking trip. We have gone on a variety of hikes on our own ranging from one hour to 3 day-long hikes, and we always pack the same types of food to hike. Regardless of the season hiking is the perfect excuse to go out and explore our national parks, state parks or just a nearby hiking trail.

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Every hike has its own unique views to offer from breathtaking peaks to epic waterfalls to hidden viewpoints. With the main attraction often at the middle of a loop trail or end of a one-way trail, it is the perfect spot to enjoy your natural surroundings while fueling your body back up for the hike back. Packing enough food and easy to eat protein rich snacks are of important for a hike of any length.

While water is necessary throughout the hike, it is great to get a boost in the middle of your adventure. Pack along a few Diet Coke® to get an uplift of energy for the rest of your hike. Diet Coke now comes in a sleek new can with an updated look and several flavored options including Feisty Cherry, Twisted Mango, Ginger Lime, and Zesty Blood Orange. Our favorite flavor is Diet Coke® Ginger Lime with its crisp undertones boosted with the right amount of lime and ginger flavor.

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The best part about hiking is even if you are new to this type of adventure there is always a trail to match your skill level. Bring along a sleek can of Diet Coke and its adventurous new flavors to make for the ultimate experience. Below we are sharing our packing checklist of food and snack essentials when we go on any outdoors excursion.


Trail Mix, nuts, protein bars

Trail mix, nuts and protein bars are the perfect pick me up snack when on a hike of any length. They are light to carry and provide a good mix of proteins, sugar and salt to replenish your body. Trail mix is easy to make with a mix of your favorite foods and convenient to snack while hiking.



Water is the most important thing you need to pack when you are hiking or camping. Even if you are hiking in a popular park or camping spot, do not rely on there being drinkable water readily accessible. Pack plenty of water for a safe and enjoyable hike. A good rule of thumb is to pack approximately 3 liters per person per day taking into account the terrain and weather.



We love packing tuna for hiking, even though it might not have the best smell it is packed with protein to keep you going strong on the trail. If you buy the packets of tuna without water it is more lightweight and less of a mess come meal time. Even if tuna is not your favorite, it will definitely satisfy your hunger on a long hike. Make sure to pack some condiments to give a bit more flavor.


Diet Coke®

Pack along a new sleek can of Diet Coke for an added boost in the middle of your hike. There is no better place than at the top of a mountain or at the base of a waterfall to enjoy the adventurous new flavors.


Dried Fruits

Dried fruits is also a good option because it is lightweight and does not easily bruise in your bag or turn into a mushy mess.


Sandwich Ingredients

We call sandwich ingredients to peanut butter, jelly, cheese, bread and mayo. Sandwiches are easy to make and eat on the go. It does not required to much preparation and are fast to make. Just make sure to put your sandwich in a plastic ziplock bag so it does not get messy.



Bagels are easy to pack and you can use them as bread to make a sandwich or a simple snack. Bagels are perfect to replenish and maintain your carbs on longer hikes. They are also easier than regular bread to make sure that everyone in your group gets the flavor they want.


Tutorial on how to pack food in your hiking bag

Step 1: Collect all your food items, making sure to bring enough for everyone in your hiking party. Take into account any potential dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences of your friends and family. Bulk size items should be placed in zip lock bags to avoid overpacking and its extra weight.

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Step 2: Now is the time to fill up your water bottles. Everyone has their own preference on what shape and size water bottle works best. Consider different spill proof options with a built in straw, wide mouth or hydration pack. It is also a good idea to pack an addition liquid like Diet Coke for an added boost during the hike. Make sure to check the weather forecast as higher temperatures and bright sun means more water is required.

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Step 3: Do not forget about any secondary items that are required for the food you are packing for the hike. In this case the can of tuna needs a can opener and a knife and fork simplify the sandwich making process. It is all too easy to forget an item from this step, so keeping a swiss army knife and silverware set in your hiking pack might be easiest.

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Step 4: Now is time to pack all the food, water and supplies into your hiking bag. Generally pack the heavier and more bulky items on the bottom and place more fragile items that can easily get squished on top. It is important to remember that some bigger items like water should be easily accessible throughout the hike.

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All of the ingredients in our food packing list for hiking can be found at your local Target on your way out into the wilderness. Target is also a great spot to pick up any last minute hiking gear needed for your adventure. Take advantage of the sale going on at Target through September 3rd of two Diet Coke (8pk/12oz Sleek Cans) for $6 and make sure everyone in your hiking party has a delicious boost for their hike.

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Thursday 16th of August 2018

These are great tips. I never thought of packing something more filling like a bagel on a hike. With a little PB that's a tasty protein filled snack. #client

Travel To Blank

Sunday 19th of August 2018

Thank you! It is always surprising how delicious even the most simple foods taste during a hike.