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The Best of La Entrada Beach in Santa Elena, Ecuador

La Entrada is a picturesque city located in the province of Santa Elena, Ecuador on the border with the province of Manabí, between Las Núnez beach and La Rinconada. In fact, its name comes from the fact that it is the entrance to the province of Santa Elena after crossing the Cordillera Chongón Colonche if you go from north to south. In this community fishing is the main economy and now tourism is being encouraged thanks to its urban regeneration.

What to do in La Entrada?

The first thing that captivates you about this picturesque community are its murals painted on the houses of locals. The beach itself did not seem very attractive to me since it is a bit rocky, although there is an area where you can find white sand. When the tide is low you can walk through the rocky area, but when the tide is high the sea reaches the boardwalk.

If you go during the months of June to September you can observe the humpback whales from the beach, which visit every year to reproduce. Whether or not you go in these months, make sure you take a photo next to the Humpback Whale Monument that is in the community park.

If surfing is your thing, then you will find a good reason to visit La Entrada, since this beach has very good waves, similar to those in Montañita.

Visit the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The church of La Entrada is one of the reasons why this picturesque town became known, since many want to get married in this church given the views it offers. Behind the altar you can see the sea, since its wall is made of glass.

Take photos with the murals

Each house is painted with a different mural that invites you to photograph the city. In these murals you will find the history of the community, its traditions, legends, flora and fauna is reflected. This beautiful project was given thanks to the “Casitas de Colores” initiative, which was made by a couple of foreigners who lived in the area.

La Rinconada Beach

La Rinconada is one of the most beautiful and virgin beaches in the province of Santa Elena located in the highest part of the Cordillera Chongón Colonche. There you can climb some stairs to a viewpoint, where you can enjoy one of the most incredible panoramic views of the sector.

Benito’s Sweets

Los Dulces de Benito are the reason why we decided to stop at La Entrada, their sweets can be found in Montañita, Ayangue, Salinas, Puerto López, Ballenita, San Pablo and in Guayaquil. Here you can taste some delicious cheesecakes, brownies, cookies and other delicious desserts.

How to get to La Entrada?

From Guayaquil it takes between two and a half to 3 hours taking the E40 highway (via the Coast) to the detour in San Pablo to continue on the E15 highway (via San Vicente) and continue along the Ruta del Spondylus. If you go by bus we recommend Cooperativa Libertad Peninsular (CLP) to Montañita and from there you can take a taxi or a bus to La Entrada.

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