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The Best Things To Do in San Marino, Europe

San Marino is the 5th smallest and oldest country in the world. It is located in the central Italy between the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Le Marche. This small country is famous for the Formula 1 and the Historic Centre which is considered an UNESCO heritage site. It is one of several tiny countries in Europe.

In this guide we will share the best things to do in San Marino in one day. Visiting San Marino is a great day trip from Florence, Bologna or Rimidi.

How to get to San Marino:

  • By car: When driving into the old town of San Merino, be prepared for steep windy roads into town and plan on parking in one of San Marino’s 11 public parking lots around the center.
  • By public transportation: If you are coming from Florence you have to take a bus to Rimini and from there you take an additional bus to San Marino. Check the schedules and fare prices.
  • By airplane: The easiest and cheapest way to fly to San Marino is by flying into Bologna or Florence, depending on the origin city. From there you can either take a train to Rimini or rent a car. There is a small airport in Rimidi, but only has a limited number of flights.

Travel Map with the best things to do in San Marino:

In this map you will find all the best things to see and do in San Marino in one day to explore the historic hilltop city center.

What to do in San Marino in one day: The best things to do in San Marino

Città di San Marino, is the capital of the country and where you will find the most interesting things to do in San Merino. Even though you could spend a couple of days exploring San Marino, a day trip to San Marino more than enough to explore this tiny country. Depending on what you are interested in doing you can even explore the historic center in a half a day.

San Marino’s Towers

One of the best things to do in San Marino is walking to the towers, also known as “rocche” or “torri”. Walking along the path that takes you from tower to tower gives you the best viewpoints in the city. The towers and fortress are located at the top of Monte Titano, the biggest landmark in the San Marino.

You can go inside the first and second towers. It is worth visiting both towers, but in my opinion it is best to go inside the second tower as you can see a big collection of old guns and get fantastic views of the first tower.

  • Guaita Tower: The first tower is the most important fortress in San Marino as it is the highest tower in the Titano Mount. The tower was built in the XI century.
  • Falesia Tower: This second fortress today hosts the Ancient Weapons Museum of San Marino. It is not a big museum but does provide amazing panoramic views of the countryside. From here starts a footpath through forest to the third tower.
  • Montale Tower: The third tower is the furthest tower from the city center and you are not allowed to go inside.

Walk around the historic center of San Marino

The historic center of San Marino is full of souvenir shops and cute restaurants. Around every corner you find yourself walking through over 1000 years of history

Other places to visit in the historic center of San Marino:

  • Piazza della Liberta
  • Basilica di San Marino: The Basilica of San Marino is the most important religious building in the country. This church was rebuilt over a medieval church in the XIX century.
  • San Francesco Church: The oldest church in San Marino.
  • Santa Clara Monastery: Built in the early 1600s, the now fully restored monastery is home to the University of San Marino and Museum of Emigrant.
  • Walk down the Basilicius street: Via Basilicius is at the heart of downtown San Marino and a perfect stroll to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.
  • Titano Theater: The San Marino Teatro is a beautiful 18th century building that still houses a range of shows and concerts throughout the year.
  • El Palazzo Pubblico o Palazzo del Governo: Without a doubt the most important building in the whole country. At the Palazzo del Governo you will find all the institutional and administrative offices of the country. It is possible to visit the Palazzo if there is not an official ceremony going on.

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