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The complete Guide To Book The Best Dubai Desert Safari Tour

When we planned a winter break trip to Asia, we knew we wanted to add a layover in Dubai. Unfortunately, we were able to spend several days in Dubai. While we do want to return as Dubai has so much to offer, we did have a good taste of the cosmopolitan city and the best activities to do in Dubai a short time. For those who know the history of Dubai, it comes as no surprise that it is surrounded by sand and desert, which you must experience!

Dubai Desert Sand Dunes playing

Why you should go to a Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai Desert Camp

While visiting Dubai you must take a Desert Safari Tour, especially one offered during sunset. It defiantly a highlight of the trip and honestly it was an experience we cherish and would love to do again.

How to choose the best Dubai Desert Safari

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You can easily book your tickets online for Desert Safari Dubai, but make sure to read the reviews first. We have heard so many different opinions from it being the best trip to it been a complete disaster. Take your time picking the right tour, to make sure it matches your desires to get the best out of it.

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Try to avoid the tours that look too good to be true at its price. Keep in mind this is a cultural experience and the majority of the people on the tour will be foreign tourists. If you are thinking about saving money and just getting the cheapest tour, stop and rethink if this is once in a lifetime activity then do it properly and do it right!

What does a desert tour normally include:

Dubai Desert Falcon

Our tour was all inclusive from hotel pick up to drop off. It included a camel ride, a photo shoot with a falcon with the option to purchase a printed photo, dune bashing in a 4×4, an incredible Arabic and belly dance show and a delicious dinner.

How was our experience at the Dubai Desert Tour:

Dubai Desert Sand Dunes

We were picked up in a 4×4 at our hotel and stopped to pick up several other people as we did not have a private tour. After about an hour drive out of the city we were at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. It was not our first time in the desert, but our eyes could not believe the spectacular landscape surrounding us. We had just arrived and never wanted want to leave!

Dubai Desert Sand Dunes sunset

When we first arrived we went dune bashing on our way to the camp out in the desert. It was one of the coolest driving experiences in our life. It was the first time we did something like this did not realize how bumpy the ride would be. It feels like you are riding a roller coaster through the stunning landscape.

Dubai Desert Sand Boarding

After arriving to our final destination we had a good amount of time to walk around and take awesome photos of us in the desert and even had the opportunity to go sand boarding. We had about an hour to just wander around take photos, play in the sand, take photos with the falcons and of course ride some camels.

Dubai Desert Camel

Riding a camels is always an enjoyable experience and every time we have the chance, we do it again. Camels are not like horses, so when you are getting up a camel they are sitting down on the ground and then it stands up, with its back legs first, so hold on tight!

Dubai Desert Sand Dunes walking away

As the sun began to disappear into the horizon behind the dunes, we headed back to the main tent for dinner and to enjoy a spectacular show of belling dancing, fire dancing and a Tanoura dancer also known as Sufi whirling. While the show is going on you can get a small Henna tattoo included included in the price but if you want a bigger one you can pay an additional fee and get any size you want.

Dubai Desert dancing show

The camp is decorated with several tents with Arabic carpets and cushions scattered around and a corner to give the local hookah a try. There was endless food and cold drinks for an excellent end of the night before the ride back to our hotel.

Dubai Desert Sand Dunes

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The complete guide to Book the best Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

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